So happy the lifelong leadership, vision, and advocacy of our friend David Charron has been recognized today as he gets inducted as the 2020 CMLS Hall of Fame recipient. He has been a pioneer on so many fronts in real estate. He’s not afraid to break from the norm and lead our industry to progressive new customer-centric solutions. As the leader of MRIS, he ran the largest multi-state MLS in the country.

david charron headshotHe brought new technologies to light. For example, he launched Homesnap in his market long before others had even heard of it. He laid the groundwork for the highly successful Broker Public Portal collaboration between brokers and MLSs across the country. Deemed a huge success by the industry, Homesnap now throws off a half of a million FREE leads to REALTORS across America MONTHLY!

Personally, I have had a ton of fun with David over years moderating Data Tracks at the Inman conference and leading strategic plans together in many highly successful private events. He’s great to bring up the topics that nobody wants to talk about, but everyone in the room knows they NEED to be discussed.

Here’s a little known fact..he’s also a great dancer!  He was seen at every one of the RE Technology parties we have hosted at NAR Mid-Year for the past 10 years “cutting a rug!”

What can I say?  He’s a great leader, a great thinker, and most importantly a great human!

Congrats David! So well-deserved!


David Charron Named To CMLS Hall of Fame

HENDERSON, Nev. — David Charron was inducted into the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) Hall of Fame during a virtual CMLS conference (CMLS2020) on Sept. 28. The honor is a means of recognizing and acknowledging a lifetime of leadership, energy, and intellect that improves and elevates the multiple listing services industry.

“David Charron is an icon in the real estate industry and MLS community. He championed some of the most significant innovations during the past 20 years, represented the industry as a keynote at countless events, and contributed to dozens of prominent publications,” said Brad Bjelke, CEO of “He exemplifies everything the finest MLS executives strive to be and has mentored dozens more to achieve great objectives. I am honored to be counted among those he has helped bring up as new leadership.”

Charron initially brought a diverse background in real estate, information systems, and Internet business solutions to MRIS, one of the nation’s largest MLS systems, in 2001. Today, he serves as president of MRIS Investors, Inc. and as the chair of its Investment Committee — positions he held while serving as the chief strategy officer for Bright MLS responsible for the largest merger in the MLS industry, now serving nearly 100,000 agents and a $102 billion marketplace.

He has also forged a path forward for the benefit of all real estate stakeholders, including as a founder of COVE and the MLS Roundtable, member of the NAR MLS Policy Committee, director for the National Association of Realtors, strategic director on Midwest Real Estate Data’s (MRED) Board of Managers, and director for REALTORS® Federal Credit Union. He also served as chair of the National Broker Portal and as a distinguished director of CMLS for four years, including as chair of CMLS in 2018.

Charron is well recognized for his stellar leadership and strategic vision. Inman News named him one of the “Most Influential People in Real Estate” 11 consecutive times and has appeared on the Swanepoel 200 since its inception. He was previously named one of the “Top Ten Newsmakers” by the Swanepoel Trends Report, identified as one of the “Most Influential Mary- landers” in 2014 and 2017 by The Daily Record, and named Volunteer of the Year by the National Eating Disorders Association.

His accomplishments within real estate have benefited tens of millions of American families who buy and sell homes, along with the brokers, agents, and vendors who serve them. It is also why Charron was inducted into the Dr. Almon R. Smith Leadership Society by the National Association of REALTORS in 2012, was the recipient of the inaugural Peter Shuttleworth MLS Executive Award of Excellence from CMLS in 2015, received the National Home Ownership Award in 2015 and Hall of Fame Award in 2019 by RIS MEDIA, and earned the Visionary Leadership Award from Swanepoel 200 in 2018 along with Wes Foster.

Charron’s induction into the CMLS Hall of Fame was preceded by Cathy Holefelder in 2019, Jack Johnson in 2017, Ann Bailey in 2016, Brian Larson in 2015, Pat Bybee in 2013, Jeannette Biddle in 2012, and Peter Shuttleworth in 2011. The honor recognizes the contributions of the inductee to CMLS and the MLS industry at the close or culmination of the inductee’s career in the MLS industry. Although inductees are recognized at the annual CMLS conference, inductions do not take place annually.


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