WAV Group is fortunate to work with many great technology companies and entrepreneurs who have used profound imagination to improve real estate. One of those companies is Aidentified. *Full disclosure* Aidentified is a client and we are also investors.

What impressed us about Aidentified is that they have delivered something that works. For years, we have seen best practices develop in social media, understood the importance of a CRM, and heard stories about leveraging Big Data that never materialized. The elegant way that Aidentified has combined these three things to deliver impactful business intelligence to real estate is outstanding.

Aidentified’s foundation is built on Big Data. They leverage public and licensed data to capture and validate personal – as well as professional – information on hundreds of millions of U.S. citizens from dozens of sources, every day. That is big data – think Experian, but on steroids.

That information is nice to have, but it needs to be relatable for brokers and agents. That is where CRM comes in. You don’t need hundreds of millions of records, you only need the ones that matter to you. So Aidentified connects to your CRM using an API and deposits the information where you need it. Pull up a record in Chime, and the customer record data is matched with data from Aidentified’s relationship cloud. You can append your CRM record with whatever is missing – like the husband’s name, how many children, where they work, their inferred income bracket, referral opportunities and so much more.

Smart house concept. Home automation.Aidentified also ties in certain social media connections. The service allows teams or brokers to connect their social networking connections and other siloed contacts, like your phone contacts or neighbors, to Aidentified. For the first time, teams of agents can band their personal and professional networks together. One useful advantage of this is lead routing. Why give a lead to an agent next in line when you can give the lead to the agent who sold the lead’s brother a home, or an agent whose wife works with the lead’s wife, or whatever. Aidentified has merged connections from CRM, social media and big data inferences from this powerful interconnected Relationship Cloud and turns “just another lead” into better prioritized business opportunities.

Relationship Monitoring

The greatest feature about Aidentified is relationship monitoring. When a customer record changes or your customer has a life event like an IPO, stock sale for example, the agent will get an email alert.

Digital Prospecting

My favorite digital prospecting story that utilized Aidentified involved a company that was moving out of the Bay area in California to Austin, TX. A single agent had a client who was an executive at the company. Using Aidentified, this agent leveraged that relationship to reach out to dozens of other executives at the company. It resulted in more than a handful of listings and lots of referrals to agents in Austin.

If you have not looked at Aidentified, take the time to check it out. You will be astonished, and maybe even a little bit shocked.