Real estate technology is an important, strategic decision and a key differentiating factor for many of our clients today. With the development of web3 – and the growth in that community – we are confident that real estate technology has a prominent place and a bright future with web3. It is important that we establish this new division and center of excellence to help our clients navigate the opportunities that lay ahead – and practically limitless inventory.

Also, in case you missed it, we held a highly informative webinar last month that barely touched the surface of what we know to be the future. Marilyn Wilson, Nelson Diaz and Victor Lund lead a phenomenal discussion introducing this paramount world called the Metaverse. You can watch it here.

Please see below for the official press release and join us in welcoming Nelson Diaz, WAV Group web3 and NFT Strategist, to the team!

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WAV Group Stakes Claim to Web3 Territory in Real Estate

Web3 and NFT Professional Nelson Diaz Joins the WAV Group Team

Arroyo Grande, CA – March 3, 2022The birth of Web3 has become comparable to the emergence of the internet or the industrial revolution. This is not just another technology or an evolution of the internet; this advancement is bringing a scope of technology and changing social norms together to create a new way for brands and brokerages to deepen the engagement and relationships with their customers.

Recognizing the importance of Web3 and its potential impact on the real estate industry, WAV Group is launching a Web3 division, headed up by Web3 pioneer and NFT strategist Nelson Diaz. Nelson has led Web3 initiatives to expand highly respected global brands into the Metaverse including Deepak Chopra, Christie’s Auction House, and a host of well-established streetwear and luxury. He is also working on a soon-to-be-announced real estate initiative.Nelson Diaz

Marilyn Wilson, Managing Partner WAV Group says, “We see so much potential of Web3 for real estate and know we have to help our clients figure out the digital real estate path. Nelson, a trailblazer for taking well-established companies into a new realm is going to help our clients craft the path to Web3 profitability and achieve first-mover status.”

Nelson Diaz says “I see expansive opportunities for real estate in the Metaverse. There is a digital land grab happening right now and I’m here to help real estate companies figure out the best way to expand their scope and capture a whole new way to engage with real estate consumers. I have been friends and colleagues with WAV Group for many years and I welcome the opportunity to bring my knowledge, passion and experience to their real estate clients.”

The pioneers of the Web3 movement are creating massive online communities through selling digital land, digital properties, and even digital rentals. Fueled by $35 trillion in cryptocurrency wealth, there is a brand-new set of buyers for a brand-new type of real estate available. High net-worth individuals and companies are engaging in NFTs and cryptocurrency as a hedge that benefits tax strategy and currency fluctuations, too. Others are re-inventing business operations in the Metaverse.

Victor Lund, Managing Partner, WAV Group says, “Nelson possesses a unique blend of creative vision and business development talents, coupled with proven success in taking a Web3 project from its ideation to a highly successful launch. He knows how to create energy and bring attention to a project to provide huge returns. I believe the opportunities that lay ahead are incredible and bringing Nelson onto the team will help our clients stake a profitable claim in the digital real estate space.”

Click here to learn more about WAV Group’s Web3 division.

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