WAV Group co-founder, Victor Lund, will be traveling to the Bahamas to present on the topic of web3 in real estate. Future City 2022 is hosted by leading real estate publisher TheRealDeal. Future City 2022 is an exclusive retreat for C-suite executives, principals and partners who are learning of all the ways how PropTech is revolutionizing development, management, construction, design, marketing and finance.

Topics range from how FinTEch is disrupting homebuying to the AI and data platforms transforming CRE from hard assets to the metaverse; these are all discussions during this three day, two-night retreat at the Baha Mar in the Bahamas and will be held off-the-record and kept exclusively for executive attendees.

“I am very excited to make the journey to the Bahamas and workshop the future of real estate with more than 200 C-level executives who can make a difference across our industry,” says Lund. “We are less than two months away from the release of our metaverse tied to a real-life adventure resort that we are developing with partners,” continued Lund. “For the first time, we see the emergence of web3 being used to provide financing, a sense of community, and connectivity that promises to have an impact on how people consider shelter options – blending IRL and URL.”

WAV Group announced last week that Nelson Diaz has joined the firm to provider advisory services to our clients who are developing web3 strategies. Today, most of the work Diaz is focused on is outside of real estate. One of the most significant trends in the web3 space today is the launch of virtual reality worlds – or metaverses. This fundamental shift away from Web 2.0 invites the opportunity to reimagine how companies and their communities of employees and customers can develop stronger, more authentic relationships. In the metaverse, the social walls between people defined by roles in society, are replaced by a virtual person-to-person connection.

If you are making the journey to the Bahamas for Future City 2022, or would like to have WAV Group facilitate a discussion for your organization to bring you up to speed on web3 and strategize about your potential – contact us.