This past week, Inside Real Estate, the developers of kvCORE released two features that are sure to have an impact on maintaining client relationships. They announced the release of CORE Home and of Sell Pages. In many ways, these two products reimagine very popular data driven applications that consumers love and demand. 


With CORE Home, homeowners are able to see the type of home value information on their property and property in their area, along with their home values. More than the Zestimate®, this visualization shows the value of the subject property and the value of properties around the home. kvCORE’s property alerts, market reports and other proactive AI driven customer engagement tools will pull customers directly into CORE Home. The wager here is that if agents are able to deliver comparable or superior information about home values to their customers, they will be less likely to surf portal sites. The application also integrates moving services powered by Updater®. This product is similar in functionality to HomeBot.

eXp REALTY, one of the largest brokerages on the kvCORE Platform, rolled CORE Home out to their agents during their recent annual conference highlighting three key features: to see current home value and market trends; begin searching for homes; collaboration between the agent and the consumer.

eXp on kvCORE

Inside Real Estate indicates that the Core Home product produces a 5%-10% increase in consumer engagements over typical CRM products and increases the likelihood of engaging with their agent by 30x.

Sell Pages

In addition, Inside Real Estate also released the new Sell Pages within kvCORE. Sell Pages are web pages integrated into the kvCORE website as seller lead generation pages. The information available to the website user is a different visualization of the data that is in CORE Home combined with home buyer information. If you look up a property address on Sell Pages, you see three AVMs – Attom, Zillow, and CoreLogic.

address on Sell Pages

The additional functionality of Sell Pages is the integration of buyer interest. Buyer interest would be the number of home buyers who have used the website to search for homes that are in the same area and price range.

Sell Pages integration of Buyer Interest

Similar to products like (formerly Buyside), the website visitor is able to see the number of home buyers that are looking for similar homes – the buyer rating, location, interests, etc. We have always believed that sellers are more interested in working with a company that already has a buyer for their property, than an agent who simply tells them how they are going to market a home to find buyers.

This functionality has been proven to generate high quality seller leads for real estate agents and mortgage opportunities.