Two amazing cultures have merged to create greatness together. Even in these volitile times, the best run companies find opportunity together. Richardson Properties of San Luis Obispo in the California central coast, was an exceptionally well run family business for over 30 years. LIV Sotheby’s CEO saw an amazing opportunity to acquire a solid operation and an exceptional leadership team in Chris Richardson and Brooke Sutton.

McLaughlin Ventures served as the strategic advisor to Richardson Properties. From executed LOI, to closing in 50 days, these two leadership teams demonstrated the collaboration and pace required to be successful in today’s market dynamics. We are looking forward to watching the greatness unfold.

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M&A Update | Two Amazing Cultures Will Create Greatness

Congratulations to Richardson Properties in San Luis Obispo and their family-like culture and team, to have found an amazing merger opportunity with LIV Sotheby’s to create Richardson Sotheby’s International Realty.

Richardson Properties and LIV Sothebys

I have known Chris Richardson and his family for a decade and just recently met Scott Webber, CEO Majestic Realty and LIV Sotheby’s.

These two teams are bound for greatness.

McLaughlin Ventures served as the strategic advisor to Richardson Properties.

This is Where We Are Now.