Trends are a numbers game. The bigger the data set, the better the answers.  That is exactly what the WAV Group Customer Experience Index (CXI) is producing — great answers.  WAV Group has fielded hundreds of surveys over the last two plus decades. As consultants, we have been able to, over the years, garner insights from previous surveys that help inform current clients. However, what the industry was missing was the ability to stack results side-by-side and understand true areas of strength and opportunity, not just in local markets, but for MLS organizations nationally. 

But data is only as good as the actions that it fuels, which is why WAV Group has been encouraging the sharing of best practices within the Customer Experience Index program.  Earlier this year, we hosted webinars first with Josh McFall, CEO of ValleyMLS, and then later with KB Holmgren, CEO of BAREIS MLS.  These early adopters of the WAV Group Customer Experience Index program shared their insights from the report and what changes they have planned going forward to further improve their customer experience.  

WAV Group has compiled some of the early insights into a free download: 5 Powerful Secrets of MLS Customer Satisfaction. Please get your copy now. While you are there, be sure to check the box to subscribe to our new quarterly newsletter dedicated specifically to customer experience for MLSs and associations. Secrets to Customer Service download

This is exactly the kind of information I envisioned coming from the CXI program when we first launched the program one year ago.  With four of the top 20 largest MLSs — approximately 250,000 agent and broker subscribers surveyed and over 10,000 responses tabulated to date — I am excited to see the data we will be able to share with you in year two!  


Download the 5 Powerful Secrets of MLS Customer Satisfaction now!