Marketing your brokerage isn’t about better ideas, it’s about better execution!  When done right, marketing can boost awareness for your brand, position your company as the perfect solution for prospective customers, aid in recruitment and retention, and drive leads and sales.  But, the hard truth is that marketing doesn’t always work and there are many common pitfalls that can easily be avoided.

Many brokerage owners don’t have the luxury to hire a full-time marketing specialist to help drive their business growth.  The available time and financial resources required – especially when first spiraling up a business – force many professionals to try and handle their marketing strategy on their own.  Although this may save money initially, it can lead to systemic problems in a business that end up costing more in lost business over time.

In our experience working with brokerages across the nation, we tend to see many of the same recurring marketing mistakes, all of which can be easily avoided.  WAV Group’s NEW “Marketing Best Practices” Educational Series, hosted by Marilyn Wilson and Bondilyn Jolly, can help your brokerage avoid common mistakes and pitfalls, and create a long-term, sustainable marketing strategy.

This webinar covers the essentials of developing a comprehensive marketing strategy. Marilyn and Bondilyn will discuss how to create a marketing plan that aligns with your business goals, how to identify your target audience, and how to use various marketing channels to reach them effectively. Additionally, it provides insights into how to measure the success of your marketing campaigns and adjust them as needed.

Furthermore, the webinar will introduce WAV Group’s EXPANDED Marketing Services, designed to help fill the gaps in brokerage’s marketing initiatives. WAV Group Marketing Services can scale based on your needs and budget, delivering strategy, creativity, and data-driven results. Whether you need a completely out-sourced marketing team, or an additional “arm” to your internal marketing initiatives, we can assist.  

Bring your questions to this live session with Marilyn and Bondilyn, and receive real-time answers from experts who’ve seen it all, done it all, and overcame it all.

Learn more about WAV Group’s EXPANDED Marketing Services and how we can help brokerages execute your marketing plans effectively and efficiently, or schedule your exploratory conversation today.