SphereBuilder™ marketing automation and analytics now available for select brokerages across the United States.

This week, Collabra Technology, Inc. (“Collabra Technology”) unveiled an enterprise version of their SphereBuilder™ digital marketing platform to over 300 real estate agents under a strategic alliance with Windermere Spokane.  Collabra Technologies is now accepting meetings with other technology-forward brokerages and organizations looking for powerful insight into the marketing initiatives of their organization.

Over my years working in real estate marketing technology, I’ve seen (and believed) in a lot of marketing productivity products hitting the market, only to find that many of them fall short of delivering an intuitive, resourceful experience that drives and supports agent adoption, coaching and retention.  Collabra Technology’s SphereBuilder platform could be the exception to the rule.  Here’s a few stand-out points about the offering that I like:

1. Everyone Participates
With SphereBuilder’s enterprise solution, every agent within an organization is onboarded into the platform, regardless of ongoing participation.  This is important because the first thing that happens once onboarded is that all agents within the organization receive their SphereIndex™, which is a score based on proprietary algorithms that scan, analyze and rank all agent’s online marketing against all other agents within the organization. 

Why’s this important?  Because now the Broker knows EXACTLY where every one of their agents ranks, and can use this information to provide coaching and learning opportunities on an individual or group basis to support best-in-class marketing across their organization; and agents know exactly where they rank in comparison to their peers which drives a sense of friendly competition, visibility and accountability. 

Gone are the days that agents can SAY one thing about their marketing, and DO another.  It’s laid out clearly in attractive graphs, charts and actionable “to do” lists on an enterprise level dashboard.

2. Built-In Coaching

Once an agent receives their SphereIndex ranking, they also receive a “to do” list of actionable steps that will help them improve their score within each of their marketing channels.  After completing improvement steps, an agent can re-run their Index score to see how they’ve improved their ranking in comparison to their peers.

Why’s this important?  I’m a huge fan of “gamification” to drive adoption and usage, especially around the competitive spirit of the agent community.  The winners here are the agent, who’s now improved their online marketing presence and is more “Google-able”; and the broker, who’s able to view their agents’ improvements, provide ongoing marketing coaching, award successes and reinforce accountability, not to mention gain higher search rankings for the agents within their organization.

3. Automated Marketing Content
65% percent of agents struggle with creating meaningful online content, but with SphereBuilder’s Content Center, agents can create gorgeous, interactive content for their digital marketing using an intuitive, simple interface that makes available thousands of animated and static real estate content on demand.  Once connected to an agent’s MLS account, marketing spotlights and listing presentations are automatically created that rival any Gen Z’er content creator!

Why’s this important?  If Collabra Technology has removed the barrier between the agent and their content, this will prove to be a true game changer in an industry full of content promises, but historically low on delivery.

4. Simplicity at its Finest
Where so many user-interfaces are complicated and can be a turn-off to agents who aren’t tech-savvy, the SphereBuilder experience is incredibly simple and intuitive.  The entire user-experience is modeled off of CreditKarma, where users can easily run their credit score and receive simple prompts for improvement.  Within the first five minutes of account activation, a real estate agent can run their SphereIndex, receive prompts for improvement, take action, and then re-run their score to see where they’ve improved.  It’s literally that simple.

Russ Cofano

Russ Cofano, Collabra Technology CEO

I have had the opportunity over the past few months to spend time getting to know the team behind Collabra, led by CEO Russ Cofano.  Russ is an industry veteran brought into Collabra in 2022 to reinvigorate the company and conceptualize new product offerings to service contemporary, post-pandemic brokerages and agents.  SphereBuilder / SphereIndex is his initial offering to the industry, backed by an intelligent, industry-friendly team of developers, content creators, and marketing minds.  Where too many companies try to be “everything to everyone”, Russ has brought a singular vision to the company around establishing meaningful industry “benchmarks” that strategically empower both agents and brokers to “own” their marketing and drive success.

“Our enterprise solution provides brokers with such powerful insight into the day-to-day marketing of their brokerage, agents and listings,” said Cofano. “In such a competitive market space, it’s more important than ever to provide tools and training to agents in order to recruit and retain top talent.  Our SphereBuilder solution offers an unfair advantage for brokerages and agents that understand the importance of a strong digital marketing presence.”

Cofano provided me with a checklist of future enhancements that will be rolling out over the next 12-months or so across the SphereBuilder community, and it will be interesting to see how the platform grows and evolves along with the ever-expanding digital marketing arena.   Although the platform is only currently available in select markets, Cofano is currently welcoming interested brokerages, MLS and Associations, and franchise organizations the opportunity to explore the technology by emailing enterprisesales@spherebuilder.io or by calling 425-553-7473.

To read the full press release regarding the Windermere Spokane roll-out, click here.