Congrats to our friends Russ Cofano and Scott Feldman for coming together at Collabra Technology, Inc. Scott has just been hired as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer – a task he is well-equipped for!  

If you aren’t caught up with what Russ is up to these days, you definitely need to check out his new product called Ad-Builder, the  Company’s MLS-integrated digital advertising solution. It’s a completely integrated way for MLSs to enable agents to promote their listings with a click. 

Bright MLS is rolling out the new AdBuilder product soon – just found this promo for it.,

Looks like Scott is going to be applying his business development magic to dramatically expand the footprint of AdBuilder and SphereBuilder.

Congrats Scott and Russ – you guys are going to be great together! 

See full press release below:

Scott Feldman Joins Collabra Technology Leadership Team as Chief Revenue Officer

Respected industry leader will fuel adoption of the Company’s brokerage enterprise SphereBuilderTM marketing automation and analytics platform and MLS-Integrated AdBuilderTM digital advertising solution

DECEMBER 13, 2023 – Spokane, WA – Collabra Technology, Inc. (“Collabra”), a real estate digital marketing technology and analytics solution provider today announced that industry veteran Scott Feldman will become the Company’s first Chief Revenue Officer. Feldman will leverage his experience as a seasoned builder of high-performing sales teams and decades-long relationships to introduce the SphereBuilderTM marketing automation and analytics platform to enterprise brokerage firms and the further adoption of AdBuilderTM, the Company’s MLS-integrated digital advertising solution.

“Scott brings a combination of a deep understanding in the digital marketing and advertising space and a successful track record building “know-like-trust” relationships across the industry,” said Russ Cofano, president and chief executive officer of Collabra. “We have lofty aspirations to make SphereBuilder and AdBuilder household names in real estate and now is the perfect time to bring in a unique talent like Scott to lead that effort. The industry is in a challenging place and we believe that our digital marketing and advertising solutions can bring value to the brokerage firms and agents looking to separate from the crowd.”

Feldman has led significant revenue growth at every organization in his tenure in the real estate industry. At HomeSpotter, Feldman led enterprise selling and strategic partnership activities culminating with HomeSpotter’s successful acquisition by Lone Wolf Technologies. He is known for building deep partnerships with leading real estate franchisors, brokers, and technology partners. As the industry watches the headlines and shifts negatively affect the way agents work, Feldman remains focused on and optimistic that brokers can empower agents to consistently and easily market online with unprecedented understanding through action-driven digital insights.

“In this market, agents need confidence that the marketing and advertising dollars they spend are optimized to drive business, and to measure effectiveness,” said Scott Feldman, chief revenue officer for Collabra. “I was so excited when Russ showed me SphereBuilder and AdBuilder. They seem like an evolution of what our team at HomeSpotter started with its’ Boost product. I hope to help brokers help their agents find leads for themselves, stay connected with the people they already know, find new prospects, and help them understand how their SphereIndexTM score can illuminate where to focus their efforts.”

About Collabra Technology, Inc.

Collabra Technology is a real estate digital marketing technology and analytics firm that is on a mission to empower real estate professionals to build and maintain powerful spheres of influence. The SphereBuilder platform offers real estate content, data, and technology seamlessly merged to create opportunities for enduring and extraordinary customer relationships. For more information about SphereBuilder, please visit: or email