As technology continues to redefine the landscape of the real estate industry, brokerages are increasingly relying on data-driven strategies to stay ahead of the curve. In the latest installment of WAV Group’s 2024 Brokerage Technology Roadmap, Part 3 dives deep into the critical realm of data management. Let’s explore the cornerstone of data management outlined in this report: creating a robust data collection policy and strategy.

At the heart of effective data management lies the foundation of a meticulously crafted data collection policy and strategy. This strategy is not merely about gathering data, but about doing so in a manner that enhances operations, improves decision-making, and ensures compliance with legal standards such as GDPR and CCPA.

Effective data management hinges on a multifaceted approach that encompasses diverse methods of data collection, ensuring both accuracy and efficiency. By employing direct submissions, observations, and leveraging third-party sources, brokerages can construct a comprehensive dataset that forms the bedrock of informed decision-making.

Furthermore, privacy and transparency are paramount to building a trusting relationship with stakeholders. Ensuring that consumers, agents, and employees are fully informed and consenting to data practices fosters an environment of cooperation and trust. This commitment to transparency extends to aligning privacy and security measures with international standards like GDPR and CCPA, safeguarding data through encryption and strict access controls to mitigate the risk of breaches.

Regular audits play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of data security measures. By conducting routine evaluations and updates to policies, brokerages can proactively identify and address emerging threats, demonstrating a commitment to upholding the highest standards of data protection. Additionally, meticulous oversight in negotiating data licensing agreements ensures that brokerages strike a balance between protecting their legal and financial interests while accommodating future needs through flexibility and scalability. Architectural frameworks must be designed with scalability and flexibility in mind, leveraging cloud services to handle increasing data volumes and complexities while ensuring uninterrupted access to critical information.

Part 3 of the WAV Group’s 2024 Brokerage Technology Roadmap sheds light on the complexities surrounding data collection policies, storage solutions, API management, data visualization, and reporting procedures tailored to real estate brokerage management teams.


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