The visionary leaders at Arab MLS, led by founder Ahmed Elbatrawy, are delivering sophisticated business solutions to real estate professionals and transforming home buying and selling in Arab nations.

A cornerstone of Arab MLS’s business solutions is CoreLogic’s Matrix, the No. 1 listing management platform in North America.

Now expanding into the Middle East, including Egypt and the UAE, Matrix offers Arab MLS real estate professionals—for the first time—a single source of truth property record database and more effective land record management. Core MLS listing input and search functionality, data syndication, client portal, statistics, and market analysis are all provided, soon to be delivered in a native language experience in Arabic.

Matrix has long been rooted in multi-language support since its inception, offering Canadian Realtors English and French language options. Since those early days, Matrix has also been adopted across Mexico and parts of Central and South America as the first MLS platform in the region, Omni MLS, offering support for Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Arab MLS has a broad vision for the power of the MLS, forging relationships beyond real estate in insurance, mortgage, property management, risk management and real estate tokenization, with a goal of making data flow collaboratively across all these industries in a unified and transparent way.

At The Gathering by HousingWire, CoreLogic CEO Pat Dodd shared how the remarkable technology development in real estate, pioneered in North America, is giving rise to organizational efforts globally. The Real Estate Standard Organization (RESO) also is rapidly expanding internationally bolstered by the strength of the North American MLS industry. Buying property, securing financing, insuring assets, and monitoring value–all coupled with a transparent and robust selling marketplace—can be universal. With strong clients like Arab MLS and Omni MLS, CoreLogic is helping organized real estate develop in global markets.

Just imagine the ability to research and make property decisions around the world as effectively and accurately as we can here in North America. It’s an inspired vision at just the right time. Change happens slowly, then all at once. It feels like we are at an inflection point.

ArabMLS and CoreLogic