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Electronic Faxing becoming a “core” service offering for MLSs

Core service offerings for MLSs continues to evolve and expand as MLSs look for ways to help their subscribers save money while serving the needs of their clients better. According to the 2009 CMLS MLS Operations Benchmarking Survey, nearly 60% of MLSs now provide Electronic faxing and Document Management as a core service offering. As noted in the 2009 WAV Group Transaction Management Adoption Study, usage of methods for processing transactions online continue to grow.  Agents first become comfortable with processing forms online. That process worked so well that they are now quickly adopting other online tools to make the process of [...]

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CARETS partners with NAR to offer competition to Loopnet

LoopNet™ has 4 Million members and they are the dominate player in offering MLS like services to the commercial real estate industry.  Their business model is different.  Commercial Sales agents and consumers all pay for subscriptions.  Some would say that LoopNet is highly successful, others would say that they are holding the commercial real estate industry hostage. As we have seen in the past, the National Association of REALTORS® has done plenty to intercept these types of trade concerns in real estate.  Perhaps the best example is the formation of Sentrilock™ as a competitor to GE Supra’s lock box domination. [...]

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Jeremy Crawford awarded CIO of the year for Sandicor

Sandicor, San Diego county’s Regional MLS is announced that its cheif information officer, Jeremy Crawford recently was awarded the Information Technology of the Year award by the San Diego Business Journal.  the Journal crafted the award to recognize outstanding achievements in the bustling technology sector of the San Diego economy. As chief information officer for Sandicor, Crawford oversees all of Sandicor’s information technology services, including infrastructure, data services, training services, and technical support services. Crawford provides Multiple Listing Services (MLS) as well as ancillary real estate products and services including online tax services, mobile applications, CRM software solutions, real estate lock box [...]

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RBI – Real Estate Business Intelligence Launches

MRIS and RBI are pleased to announce the launch of the data analytics company, RealEstate Business Intelligence, and its new website, www.rbintel.com.  RBI is a wholly owned subsidiary of MRIS, the nation’s largest MLS provider to agents and brokers. Agents, brokers, appraisers and other real estate professionals can now receive the most reliable housing market data in the Mid-Atlantic region via www.rbintel.com - empowering them to make more educated decisions for their clients. RBI provides an in-depth understanding of real estate activity at the regional, county and local levels in the Mid-Atlantic housing market that has not previously been available. Based upon data [...]

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Is an MLS Like a bank?

I have been rather absorbed with the problems with Intuit the past couple of days.  They went down tuesday night and we had to switch our payment processing over to paypal during the outage.  Thankfully, we had a backup plan. Our back up plan gets simulated monthly across all systems.  Thankfully it worked when it needed to, but not without the full on efforts of the development team. I was able to sit down with David Charon of Metropolitan Regional Information Systems (MRIS) last week.  I am not sure how it came up, but he mentioned that his MLS system produces around [...]

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Intuit does social networking wrong

We gave the “love” to Quickbooks in our last post, now we will slam them in this post - they have it all wrong when it comes to social networking.  In our little real estate industry, we find companies like RPR, Trulia, Zillow and many others have full time social networking people who are managing real engagement on blogs, social networks and twitter.  However, there are many companies who are taking the approach of what J.D. Salinger’s famous Holden Caulfield called Phony. You see, Intuit is facing a major outage today - their massive number of websites and e-commerce solutions went dark [...]

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A web services lesson from Quickbooks

When it comes to web services, Quickbooks gets it.  They understand that the work begins after the sale, not leading up to it. I recently had the opportunity to attend the RIS Media conference.  There was a room full of vendors barking about the promised land that would be achieved magically through the adoption of thier products - generate more leads, track this, engage consumers this way, reduce costs here.  In preparation for my panel address to the audience, I asked each booth to talk to me about thier support and training services.  What happens after the sale? The responses [...]

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MLS System Branding- Take credit for your most valuable tool

MLS organizations many times suffer from branding confusion. When they are a division of the association, for example, yet they have their own identity members don’t know the name of the MLS entity. When regional MLSs deliver their services through local associations their brand recognition gets even more muddied. Here’s one area where there may be an opportunity to deliver a more clearly-branded service to build the strength of the MLS organization’s brand - the MLS system. WAV Group conducts member satisfaction research all over North America.  When we ask members what MLS organization they belong to they will often [...]

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CoreLogic Launches Partner InfoNet

CoreLogic made it official today with the launch of their  Partner InfoNet program.  The program allows participating MLSs to share revenue that results from its inclusion in various risk management products.   Press Release SANTA ANA, Calif., June 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – CoreLogic (NYSE:CLGX - News), a leading provider of information, analytics and business services, today officially launched the Partner InfoNet, a special program for sharing revenue with multiple listing service (MLS) organizations. Through the program, an MLS licenses its listing data for use in a variety of new risk management products for mortgage lenders, servicers and the capital markets. Until [...]

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Just too funny not to share!

John Mosey, one of the funniest MLS executives out there shared this list with me and I thought you might enjoy it. While words on this list have been touted as winners of the “Washington Post Mensa Invitational". From what I can gather it appears as though the “invitational” may be, in fact urban legend, but the words are really funny nonetheless.   This list has been floating around it appears since 2005, but they still seem pretty topical. “Here are the winners of this year’s Washington Post’s Mensa Invitational which once again asked readers to take any word from [...]

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Edutizing with Market Statistics Proves it has staying power

WAV Group strongly believes that the best way to attract consumers is to provide them with valuable information to help position an agent as a local expert.  We believe that advertising is dead and “edutizing” is replacing it.  According to Socialnomics, 78% of people rely on research and referrals to make product decisions, while only 14% trust advertising as an information source.  It appears as though the market, at least in California agrees. Real Estate Business Services Inc. (REBS) today announced that two real estate associations, Ventura County and Victor Valley both renewed their agreements to provide robust market statistics [...]

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Divorce and Real Estate

WAV Group performs volumes of research for MLSs and Associations each year.  As part of collecting subscriber and member surveys, we also collect basic demographic data - Male or Female, Age, etc.  Much of this demographic information allows us to associate general age group trends of American demographics and apply them to our understanding of the culture within an MLS or Association.  We have never asked marital status, but I wonder what role that plays in understanding the mindset of today’s REALTOR. One of the research instutitions that we value for information is Pew Research Center.  Today they released a [...]

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