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We have always been big believers that most change occurs as a result of some “pain”.   While we all would like to create change in our lives for positive reasons, and we certainly do at times, a good deal of “major” changes in business and personal lives come about as a result of pain or some “tension” in our lives.  It’s the old aspirin vs. vitamins story. We know we should take vitamins; they are good for us right?  But, if you have a really bad headache or muscle ache you are most likely going to take something for it more reliably than we take vitamins…pain or tension cause action to occur.

What if there was a way to measure energy or tension within a business or an individual to assess how likely they are to move in a certain direction, for example, in alignment with your strategic objectives?  What if that process also showed you how to create “tension or energy” without having to have a crisis?  What if that process showed you which individuals were best aligned for specific tasks?   Well the good news is there is a process and a tool to help you make that happen!  It is called the “Change Grid”.

What is a Change Grid?

The Change Grid is an analytical tool created by the Tension Management Institute that accurately shows you an individual’s or group’s position relative to any set of tasks,  such as a sales plan or a strategic plan or even personal goals.  When an individual completes the grid, which is as simple as completing a survey, it evaluates them against each identified task and the liklihood of successfully completing that activity.

Change Grids are descriptive, predictive and also prescriptive.  They help you get a better understanding of where things stand today within any situation.  They help you see what is likely to happen or not happen and most importantly they point to things you can do to help effect the changes you want within a given situation.  Unlike psychological assessment tests, ChangeGrids will change over time based on an individual’s growth and experience so they can also be used to benchmark progress at the individual or company level.

WAV Group is a certified Change Grid practitioner through the Tension Management Institute and now offers Change Grids as part of our strategic planning process for MLSs and associations.  We can also create custom Change Grids upon request for you or your organization.  For more information contact:

Mike Audet

Office:  716-839-4628