Managing Your Training Department WAV Group Cover Image Training, support, and customer service are key features to any organization in real estate. Although these are three separate functions in large organizations, they typically are handled by one or two departments in most real estate organizations. For the purpose of this article, we will discuss this as one department, Training.

WAV Group encourages the discipline of measuring satisfaction with the training department whenever a real estate organization performs focus groups, telephone interviews, or user surveys. Frequently the primary reason for dissatisfaction with a product or service is grounded in some part by poor training.

Real estate is an adult business. Proper training programs follow guidelines for adult learning. WAV Group has identified six methods for training in a real estate organization that comprise effective training programs. These are: 1 to 1; small group; webinar; recorded webinar; help desk support and Wikis. This report will briefly discuss each of these.

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