resourceful signHow would you like to increase your business garnered from your website by 27%? That’s right, 27%. I had to say it again because people often do not believe in testing or research to determine what works best for their business. In fact, many companies today “take the high road” and completely ignore trends and tactics that can improve their business because they get stuck with their fondness for what they have and stop moving ahead.

Here is the example of how research and testing can drive improvements in company online effectiveness. Thankfully, the company the largest broker in the Neatherlands, so we can avoid domestic conflict.

The company did A-B testing on their website. For some visitors, they added a javascript popup window that asked a question – “We are so pleased that you are considering using us as your broker. Could you tell us why you would choose our services?”

The rest of the consumers saw the site without the javascript popup.

Interestingly enough, if you spend much time on Zillow or Trulia – you will find that they are constantly A-B testing their site features by diverting some of their traffic over to test sites.

The results of adding the popup were overwhelming.  The popup window increased home listings by 26.6%! The popup loaded 90 seconds after the visitor landed on the website. The coolest part is that they did not use it to drive traffic to a lead conversion form. They simply asked the consumer to make a self-commitment to the broker – also called a ‘self-generated” persuasion effect. It sets the consumer in more of a conversion-oriented mindset.

Ok – on your marks, get set, go. Implementing this exact tactic is super easy. JavaScript light boxes that pop up are cross-browser compliant and mobile friendly. You can even get the code for free by doing a search for Java Light Boxes – I think the first result is Fancybox – which we have used and it is super easy. You simply design your box and paste the code into your site like adding a youtube video. It is that easy. If you use an open source website platform like Joomla or WordPress, you can find lots of plugins that do the same thing.

This single idea can boost your online effectiveness by 26.6% if your results are the same as our friend in the Netherlands. In truth, I have no idea how they “increased home listings by 26.6%.” For all I know, they simply increased lead generation, which led to increased conversion from the web. Who really knows. But the bigger question is – can you afford not to try it?

Let us know how it works for you.

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