Top 5 Articles of the week

WAV Group partners, Mike Audet, Marilyn Wilson, and Victor Lund are founders of RE Technology and Today that site reaches 750,000 real estate agents and brokers though partnerships with more than 90 MLSs who deliver subscriptions to RE Technology as a member benefit.

Each week, RE Technology publishes a notification to MLSs that lists the top 5 most heavily viewed articles of the week. This list goes out to our MLS partners who may, in turn, republish the articles in their own newsletter, blog, or develop content ideas for their training or communications programs. Below is the RE Technology Top 5 Articles for last week.

Hey! Those are my photos…

As a real estate professional you invest a considerable amount of time and money marketing a property, often including investing in a professional photographer. Photos, virtual tours, marketing descriptions are all examples of content that belong to you. In other words, the listing content is your intellectual property. However, most publishers’ Terms of Use state that once the listing information is submitted to their website, they own your data, including the photos and property descriptions, and this data can be used by the publisher website in an unrestricted way, for any use, in perpetuity.



Three Simple Steps to an Efficient PC

Keep your computer running efficiently through proper maintenance. Here are three simple steps for your PC. 



I Broke Up with Facebook

Have you ever been in a relationship that you knew was bad for you, but you just couldn’t stop thinking about your partner? You check your phone constantly, hoping to hear from them. You think about them when you should be working. You miss great moments with friends and family because you’re on the phone with them.



How Task Management Can Improve Your Cash Flow (and more!)

There’s an oft-repeated phrase heard around the RE Technology offices: “Plan your work and work your plan.” It’s something our CEO, Victor Lund, says when he’s trying to motivate our team to tackle a mountain of work. He’s right (as usual)–approaching a to-do list with a plan of attack makes it a) less intimidating, and b) quicker and easier to execute.



Your Clients Are Cheating On You – Learn How To Keep Them From Going Astray

With most consumer home searches starting on the Internet, are you certain your clients are staying loyal to you? Chances are, your clients are seeing inaccurate information, and worse yet, are calling other agents to set up showings.