Article-InmanWAV Group and RE Technology is looking forward to attending Inman Real Estate Connect in San Francisco next month – July 16th – 18th.  The annual industry gathering in one of America’s great cities to discuss issues is among our favorites.

Unlike a lot of industry conferences, Real Estate Connect addresses topics in an “in your face style” which is unique. I remember Billionaire Barry Diller sitting on stage getting booed by the audience when he said,  (my paraphrase) “At LendingTree, we take your listing data, generate consumer leads, we sell them mortgages, and we sell you the real estate lead. And, real estate agents and brokers should thank us.” And, who can forget last year’s debate on forms licensing? Then, you always have the innovators – those brave souls who aspire to join the ranks of this fine industry only to lament their choice after getting a taste of our rules. It is such a wonderful occasion – part learning and part spectacle. It just does not get any better. The conference sells out, so be sure to get registered early and book your rooms and travel.

It is not too soon to schedule meetings with Mike Audet, Marilyn Wilson, and/or Victor Lund. Reach out if you want to discuss a project or just set some time to say hello. It is always a busy conference for us, with hardly any time for participating in the sessions.

The super secret, invite only RE Technology party is scheduled for 9 to midnight on Wednesday – killer location and killer band as usual. If you have been to one of our events in the past – you know the routine.

WAV Group will be releasing a number of research projects prior to the conference. We do our best to set the tone on many of the key topics facing our industry. Be sure to subscribe to WAV Group newsletter and blog to get an alert when these are released.

See you in city on the bay!