If you have a newer iPhone, you have embraced fingerprint access. You put your finger on the home button which reads your print and opens your phone—or your bank account, or any other app that leverages fingerprint access versus password access.

Depending on your MLS, typing in your username and password multiple times a day can be painful, especially on a mobile device. With HomeSpotter, it is just a touch away.

HomeSpotter is a mobile MLS application. It provides the benefits of accessing the MLS through a mobile app rather than mobile web. An app provides formatting benefits that mobile web does not. It also leverages many of the phone’s features, like fingerprint access, location awareness, and many others, to optimize the MLS experience online.

HomeSpotter may also have been the first mobile app provider to allow agents to edit listings, and upload and manage listing photos on a mobile app. HomeSpotter provides this deep integration functionality with CoreLogic Matrix™, FBS FlexMLS™, and Black Knight Financial’s Paragon™.

Cell Phone

Other leading mobile app providers for MLS include HomeSnap and GoMLS from CoreLogic. Each of these three competitors are dominating the MLS industry in terms of adoption. Stylistically, the three firms offer mostly the same functionality, but as you begin to use each of them, your preferences will gravitate in one direction or another.


Clearly, offering a mobile app is a must have for every MLS. The app must allow for listing management. The app must allow agents to invite consumers to the customer servicing solution of the MLS (listing alerts, search, etc.).