Pardon the catchy headline – but it makes the point. MLSs and Associations have websites that display brokerage and agent rosters, but very few of them provide the kind of information that a potential consumer wants to see when selecting a professional. does a good job 

Like many things, the Houston Association of REALTORS® sets a pretty high bar when it comes  to developing a website that balances the needs of the consumer with benefits for their members. Take a look at the agent detail page on their website. For an example, follow this link featuring Sharon Ballas, the top female agent in Houston.  

Most association and MLS websites are like the white pages 

I am not going to call out the Association or MLS with the worst agent pages, but if you look at  your association website you are likely to see little more than contact information. Contrast the rich experience that you see on HAR with your own. The ideas are right there. Every MLS can deliver the elements that Houston is delivering. 

Look at other agent profile pages 

HomeLight is literally a company that focuses on offering an agent matching service. The company has delivered the type of experience that consumers expect when looking for an agent. The company has amazing success because associations and MLSs are not meeting the consumer need. Zillow,, and a host of others are doing the same thing.  

Beyond the roster 

Developing the content for the roster pages is just the beginning of the opportunity for realtor associations and MLSs. Once you have compiled the headshot, biography, and other attributes about the agent and the broker, you can make those available to the brokers through a data feed. We review brokerage websites constantly and find that the information about the agents on those sites is equally deficient. Most agent pages are missing headshots, and just display the office address and phone number. That’s it.  

Brokers (and their technology vendors) would love to get a data feed of their agents. The utility of this data feed goes beyond display on the broker/agent website. If there is one thing that Upstream knew, it was the level of pain that firms face in organizing this information.