If you missed last week’s Acquiring More Profit webinar with myself and George Slusser, then you missed a great event. I would like to share some of the insights and takeaways we explored.

Watch the Full Webinar Here

  1. The Current Landscape of M&A: Navigating the Terrain

In today’s dynamic marketplace, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are more than just transactions; they’re strategic moves that can shape the future of companies. We discussed how companies are actively seeking economies of scale through a Merge-In Strategy. This approach is designed to decrease losses and amplify translation volume, tapping into the power of synergy.

  1. Understanding Your Worth: The Art of Self-Evaluation

How much is your brokerage truly worth? We explored the vital importance of self-evaluation and understanding your unique value proposition, whether you’re a potential buyer or seller in the market. Knowing your worth is a cornerstone of successful negotiating and strategic decision-making.

  1. Creating an Acquisition Center of Excellence: Empowering Growth

One of the highlights was our discussion on creating an Acquisition Center of Excellence. This involves nurturing an acquisition mindset within office managers. Our book, Acquiring More Profit, provides insights that can empower leaders and managers to think like owners, perpetually seeking opportunities for growth.

  1. The Power of Synergy: Book and Implementation System

I’m excited to share that we’ve created a powerful duo for your acquisition journey: the Acquiring More Profit book in tandem with the Acquiring More Profit Implementation System. When used together, these resources become your ultimate guide through the acquisition process. The book offers valuable knowledge, while the Implementation System provides actionable steps for successful execution.

Embarking on a Journey: The 9-Part Webinar Series

Hold onto your hats because we’re gearing up for an enlightening journey! In September, we’re launching a comprehensive 9-part webinar series. We’ll be delving into the four pillars of the M&A process: 

  • Setting up internal procedures and refining your value proposition
  • Conducting market analyses and approaching potential prospects
  • Navigating the intricacies of negotiating a company’s value and sealing the deal
  • Seamlessly launching the acquisition process and integrating the newly acquired company


The M&A team here at WAV Group are committed to empowering you with the knowledge and tools you need to excel in the world of mergers and acquisitions. If you have any questions, or are simply curious, do not hesitate to reach out for a confidential consultation – and stay tuned for more details on our upcoming webinar series!

Watch the Full Webinar Here