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AI you can wear

AI is likely to dominate your holiday shopping. And not just providing you scary-accurate recommendations on Amazon.

A blitz of AI wearables is underway, according to news site Axios. Here are just a few early notables:

Wearable AI

Smart Glasses: Ray-Ban and Meta have teamed up with a new line of smart glasses. Talk about its potential for Open House security. They look just like regular Ray-Bans, but include a built-in, ultra-wide 12 MP camera, a five-mic system, and open-ear speakers that they tout are comparable to top line earbuds. Say “Hey Meta” for instant answers because it’s paired with your smartphone and is 100% voice command. You could stream your Open House on Facebook Live. It’s almost like wearing an undetectable body cam. Preorders ship on Oct 23.

AI Pin: Startup Humane, led by former Apple star Imran Chaudhri, the AI Pin just debuted on a Paris runway. It has not been demoed publicly, yet reportedly it is a wearable screenless device that “uses a projector to allow its simple user interface to appear on a hand or other nearby surface.”

Rewind Pendant: For $59, is offering a neck pendant that can record conversations and transfer them to your smartphone. The AI trick: its software can sort through and extract insights from all that audio you record creating a sort of searchable database of information obtained from the audio content. Sounds like an agent would never have to take notes again.

Tab: Billed as “it’s always listening,” Tab is a smart wearable that documents all your conversations “ingesting the context” of your life, according to founder Avi Shiffmann. But you won’t find this gift wrapped this holiday, as it is not due to release until Spring 2024. Schiffmann told Axios, “Talking to Tab feels like a late-night conversation with a friend… It’s a much more natural way of interacting with tech.”

Is it just me or do these sound like something created by Q in a James Bond movie, just less deadly?

Canva offers AI for everyone else

Ask every teacher you know if they use Canva, the online alternative to Photoshop, and you will rarely hear a “No.” Canva became the ubiquitous online design site by offering its service free to educators for years.

It used to be a pretty good tool. Now it just rang the awesome bell.

I’ve used it for quick projects for a long time, but I’m about to become a subscriber because of its new AI integration.

The ease of using AI to create incredible images is stunning. It offers not just one but access to three leading tools: Magic Media, DALL-E (soon to be incorporated into its sister product, ChatGPT), and Imagen by Google Cloud.

Canva had me at Media Magic.

Canva currently is providing a link to test its AI Image Generator for free here.

I’ll probably write more later about Canva because I think every agent in the world should now subscribe, but look what it did with this prompt (I live on Bainbridge Island in Washington outside of Seattle):

“A Bainbridge Island home, classic two story with a two-car garage American Craftsman style white wood panel siding with a standard shingle roof.”

The center photo is the output:

Canva AI created house

Think royalty-free stock photos. Again, free.

The results are SO much better than what I have obtained from dozens of tests with DALL-E 3.

Think of the marketing possibilities using a royalty free photo like this. No angry clients calling you asking who gave you permission to include a photo of their home inside your promotional brochure.

I sent this photo to a friend, Jason Shutt, a top broker at Windermere on Bainbridge, and his reaction was classic:

“The grass growing in between the spacing in the concrete on the driveway!!!” Yep, just like my Bainbridge home.

Do not underestimate the power of AI.

AI Five Fast Facts

AI Five Fast Facts 

  1. More than 80% of U.S. adults say the industry should invest more to ensure that AI will be applied fairly, safely, and securely. That’s an 11-point jump since November 2022.
  2. Most U.S. adults express reservations about AI for uses such as government benefits and healthcare. Only 39% believe AI is safe and secure, and 78% worry that AI can be used for malicious intent.
  3. More than 85% of U.S. adults surveyed believe making AI safe and secure for the public should be a nationwide effort across government, industry, and academia.
  4. There is a generational divide on AI’s benefits vs. concerns. Over 57% of Gen Z’rs and 62% of millennials are excited about AI’s potential benefits. In contrast, 70% of baby boomers are concerned about the potential risks of AI.
  5. More than half of employed U.S. adults show concern about AI replacing them on the job.

Source: MITRE and Harris Poll, July 2023

AI Headlines: Take 5

AI Headlines Take 5

Tom Hanks Warns Fans About ‘AI Version of Me’ Promoting Dental Plan: ‘I Have Nothing to Do With It’ Variety 10/1/23
Tom Hanks is not asking you to get your teeth cleaned. That’s an unauthorized AI version of Hanks, according to the real Tom Hanks. We think.

AI takes Manhattan: The robot realtors of NYC are here to stay New York Post 9/29/23
AI Assistants are helping New Yorkers find their dream homes. Kinda.

Architects vs AI: the battle for the future starts now BIMplus 10/3/23
Architects and architecture professors address their feelings on AI. Conflicted. 

Meta is paying celebrities millions for AI Chatbots | The Information 10/5/23
A new way to get paid: the Facebook and Instagram parent is paying Tom Brady, Snoop Dogg, Charli D’Amelio, and others to create AI fictional characters with their likeness. “Hey Tom…”

Seattle-based photo giant Getty Images embraces AI technology | Seattle Times 10/2/23
The company is taking a two-pronged approach to the threat and opportunity that AI poses to its business. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

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