MLSListings Releases Whitepaper on MLS Best Practice for Privacy

WAV Group has been working with many large brokerages around the United States to implement their General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. For California firms, we are, at the same time, implementing the new Privacy Standards set to go into effect in 2020. In many ways, these regulations impact the same policies and procedures of the brokerage. The include website terms of use, privacy policy, vendor agreements, cookie notices, agent policies, staff policies, notices, training, and a plan on how to enable the right for consumers to be forgotten by all of systems.

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MLSListings Turns Data Into News

In any market, the transactions that define market trends are evident in MLS data more clearly than any other data source. However, third party companies like portals and public record firms have become the de facto source of market information to the major media outlets. A number of years ago, the Council of MLSs (CMLS) explored hiring a Chief Economist and a PR firm to position MLSs as the most valued source of market data. For a number of reasons, CMLS did not pursue the strategy, but did create a focus on establishing best practices for MLSs to effectively communicate [...]

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The Ones to Watch: Upstream, Broker Portal, and the Kid in the Basement

Historically, the words, “location, location, location,” have guided the real estate industry; but today, a strong argument can be made to suggest that, “portal, portal, portal” has replaced location as a symbol of mysterious change and almost certain disruption. Forecasters and trend watchers such as Stephan Swanepoel, Jeremy Conaway, and Steve Murray have, for several years, warned us we were witnessing the final unraveling of our increasingly dysfunctional status quo. Our collective tone-deafness to broker concerns, including their desire to own profitable businesses and control their listings, the endless wave of new third party portal competitors and the ever present [...]

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MLS Data Standards

MLSListings is the MLS service provider in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, which includes; Silicon Valley, San Jose, Monterey County, Santa Cruz County, South San Francisco, and parts of the East Bay. It is a large region in the heart of the most daunting techno-consumers, techno-brokers, and techno-agents in America. Satisfying the needs of this audience is intense, but MLSListings has been doing it successfully for many years. They are a company that is constantly evolving to meet the ever-expanding demands of real estate information in their marketplace. MLSListings CEO, James Harrison published an excellent paper last week called [...]

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