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WAV Group has always been passionate about research and helping our industry obtain data that assists professionals in making the right decisions for their organizations.  We conduct numerous studies every year to that end and this September we will be fielding one of the most important studies we do, the annual WAV Group 2012 MLS Technology Survey.  We started this survey in 2011 meaning 2012 will be the first year we are able to see how this critical data is trending and to see how our vendors are moving up or down in various rating areas.

We would like every MLS to take part and to benefit from the free reports that are provided to all participants.

How To Participate

To be included in the WAV Group 2012 MLS Technology Survey please send an email to or call us at 716-839-4628.

The objective of the annual the WAV Group MLS Technology Survey is to provide a high level comparative satisfaction rating of the MLS technology used in our industry as well as to provide you trending information from year to year in regards to this technology.  The more MLSs that participate the more valuable that information will be for all of us.

When your MLS participates in the MLS Technology Survey you will receive the following reports FREE of charge:

  • Executive Summary Report – An overview of the full survey results for all systems for all users.
  • Your MLS System Report – Summary report for all users nationally for your specific MLS system.
  • MLS Means Rating Chart – See clearly how your system’s ratings compared to other system’s ratings in categories such as User Interface, Speed, Dependability and specific user features like Search and CMA.

In 2011, over 70 MLSs participated amounting to almost 12,000 agents and staff taking part.  In 2012 we expect to have even more participants.  Unlike other surveys that only measure staff responses, which are certainly important, our survey also reaches out to the brokers, agents and other members that use the MLS system every day.   This is critical to get a true understanding of user satisfaction.

The following chart on overall satisfaction from last year’s Executive Summary, which you receive free for participating, shows the differences in user and staff ratings in the 2011 survey.  Participation in the 2012 survey means you will be able to see how these same systems are being rated this year and how the various products are trending in terms of satisfaction.  The survey details all the key service and feature areas from call desk support to CMA to Mobile products.

Overall Satisfaction With MLS System

Overall Satisfaction with MLS System Bar Graph Comparison

The survey also restricts questions to people appropriate to their role.  So, for example, it would not ask staff people to rate a feature that only agents would use, like creating CMAs.  And, it would ask staff, not agents to rate the level of service and responsiveness their vendor provides.

MLSs that participate in the survey this year will receive the free reports for distribution to their leadership prior to the NAR Conference in Orlando.

MLS Technology Selection Services

Surveys should never be used as sole basis for making technology decisions but as a part of a comprehensive technology review process.   Participation in our survey gives you access to valuable information to simply stay informed or as one component in a vendor review process.  WAV Group guides MLSs each year in making technology selections from a full RFP (Request for Proposal) to Technology Updates for board leadership.  If you would like more information on these services please contact us at 716-839-4628, or emall us at