WAV logoWAV Group partner Victor Lund is pleased to release the results of our recent survey to measure what technologies brokers have adopted and how satisfied they are with each. The survey also measured how likely a firm is to replace a technology supplier in 2014. In order to understand how technology plays a role by size of firm, answers were collected in ten groups ranging from firms with 1-9 agents to firms with more than 1500 agents.

This report is provided to the industry with our compliments. WAV Group performs this type of research across the real estate industry to inform its clients on trends and patterns that are likely impacting the performance of their business. This research also supports WAV Group’s business modeling and strategic planning services.

If you have any questions about this research or would like to share this research with others, do not hesitate to reach out to Victor Lund.


Download the complete Broker Technology Adoption and Satisfaction Study here!