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Combating AI lazinessCombating lazy AI

How often have you had to “Regenerate” a response in ChatGPT because it did not complete your assigned task? You are not alone. Declining performance became widely reported by users in December. Users labeled ChatGPT’s degraded performance with a very human term, calling it lazy.

One immediate workaround for ChatGPT laziness was to complete more significant assignments by breaking them into smaller chunks. ChatGPT appears to stall more often with larger tasks. Another workaround was not to attempt larger projects during prime time US work hours but to schedule your ChatGPT time to late at night.

We’ve also found success in simply starting a new prompt and asking GPT-4 to finish the unfinished section, but that takes a little more instruction.

Press reports suggested simply telling ChatGPT to “take a deep breath” before starting over. Others asked it to perform the task “step-by-step.”

This week, OpenAI, parent of ChatGPT, announced it released a fix – well, sort of.

You see, the fix was solely for its newer enterprise version, GPT-4 Turbo, which is still in limited preview. The expectation is that, eventually, OpenAI will address the same issues in the free GPT 3.5 version and the subscriber GPT-4 version (we have truncated the models as we notice that OpenAI is starting to get rid of the “Chat” part) and make it less lazy.

For now, we must keep testing workarounds when ChatGPT stalls out and hope OpenAI moves a little more swiftly in fixing issues. A month in tech time feels like an eternity.

Bard ArtBard Art

Google’s Gemini is getting a lot of attention – good and bad – but its brother Bard just got an important update. Bard can now generate images, much like ChatGPT can with DALL-E embedded.

If you have signed up for Bard access, you can try it out at this link.

We asked Bard to “create an image that depicts how real estate agents can use Bard,” and it produced these four sorta-lifelike “photos”:

Bard Art

The people are a little creepy in the montage photo (upper left).

For fun, we asked ChatGPT to do the same thing: “Create an image that depicts how real estate agents can use ChatGPT.” We asked for four images. Creating four images took four separate prompts because ChatGPT can’t count.

When we asked for three more images, it said it provided three but only offered one. Then we asked for two more. It said it provided two but only offered one. It delivered these:ChatGPT art

Notice how much more in-tuned Bard is to what an agent really does and the right environment he/she/they works in?

ChatGPT makes it look like real estate agents work at NASA. Real estate is complex, but it is not rocket science, yet somehow ChatGPT thinks it is.

AI Fast FactsAI Five Facts

  1. Top 10 uses of AI by real estate agents today: include blogs, emails and/or letters (67%), social media posts (60%), website content (44%) and writing personal bios (43%), brochures, flyers, postcards (40%), asking questions to understand a topic (35%), marketing or business planning (29%), video scripts (25%) and automating tasks (19%).
  2. How do real estate’s top brokerage execs plan to use AI in the future for their businesses? The number one answer was digital marketing, selected by nearly three in four leaders (73%), closely followed by social media (72%).
  3. Other plans to use AI in 2024? Half of the leaders answered client content (50%), followed by more than one in three planning to use AI for data analysis and reporting (37%) and research (36%).
  4. Fear of AI? More than half of the top brokerage execs said they are “worried or very worried” that AI “does not have the appropriate guardrails to limit their risk or liability.”
  5. Brokerage most likely to use AI: Typically led by a female, aged 31-39 or 50-59, heading up a medium to large brokerage with 101-500 agents or more and managing average annual transactions in the range of $501 million to $1.5 billion or more.

Sources: Delta Media 2024 Real Estate Leadership Survey

AI Headlines: Take 5AI headlines: Take 5

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Quote the weekQuote of the week OpenAI Adam Goldberg

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