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With planning for 2018 on the horizon, now is a great time to reflect on the best ways to help prepare your organization for the evolutions and revolutions that may happen next year. Are you Making Informed Decisions? Many things can happen when an Association or MLS is detached and not paying attention to the transient nature of the real estate industry and market. They can delay or even completely avoid decisions because they simply seem too difficult or controversial, causing the organization to fall behind or lose its competitive advantage. Even worse, Boards of Directors who do not stay [...]

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Don’t Miss Leveraging High-Quality Content to Engage Online Consumers

WAV Group will be hosting a free webinar on August 1st at 10:00 am PDT focused around how MLSs like the Georgia MLS and leading brokers like Century 21 Dumont are leveraging video to drive consumer engagement. The webinar is designed to address the needs of MLSs and Large brokers with more than 100,000 website visits a month. If you operate a big site, you will want to attend. We will hear about how MLSs and brokers are partnering with This Old House, and how they are leveraging their extensive library to enhance the consumer experience, extend visitor time on site, [...]

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Are You Stuck in the Office Whilst Everyone Else is at NAR?

We have been in SO many board rooms where we see a lack of awareness of the key strategic issues facing our industry today. Many Associations and MLSs are making decisions, or worse yet, not making decisions that may put their organizations in a weakened position over time. We also see that many smaller associations cannot afford to send multiple people to conferences where many of the industry’s important issues are discussed. Stuck in the Office? Are you and members of your Board of Managers stuck in the office rather than being out at NAR Mid Year this week? We [...]

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Keep Up to Speed With The Ever Changing Trends of Real Estate This Year

With 2017 in full swing there is no better time to get prepared for the year ahead. WAVes of Change will provide you with most effective ways to help prep your association for the inevitable evolutions and revolutions the real estate industry may experience this year. We Attend the Events so You Don’t Have To We know how costly travel, hotel and expenses can be, especially for multiple people from your association to attend various major conferences throughout the year. Our educational webinars are centered around major conferences and will bring you updates straight from these sessions. Four times a [...]

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Don’t Miss Out on the WAVes of Change! Subscribe Before it’s Too Late!

With the holidays fast approaching and the end of the year in the horizon many associations and MLSs have begun to budget and are thinking about what services they should offer their members in 2017 and beyond. Don’t miss out on the WAVes of Change in 2017, be sure to plan accordingly! Did you miss NAR?   Where you and members of your Board of Managers stuck in the office rather than being out at NAR a couple of weeks ago … ? …Not a problem! We attend the events and conferences so you don’t have to! We understand that [...]

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