For the past four years, Technology Concepts, a veteran MLS provider, has been developing a Customer Relationship Management product for the real estate industry.  The company has leveraged their experience serving MLSs, brokers and agents to architect and build one of the industry’s most advanced enterprise level CRM solutions.

The product, named Eventus, is operational, installed and has realized outstanding results for the first tier users.  Now that the product is ready for full deployment into the market place, the company is seeking a business partner to fuel marketing and fulfillment.  The company will consider options from company or product sale to an exclusive licensing relationship.   Interested parties should contact WAV Group, attention Mike Audet (, 716-839-4628) for more information.

About the product.

Eventus is a web-based information management system that introduces a new client-centric paradigm in real estate technology. Eventus manages the client process from initial contact to maintaining meaningful contact after the sale.  Using listing and client data to the fullest, Eventus allows the executive and agent to understand and analyze buyer/seller behavior and needs. Eventus gathers data, analyzes it, and delivers information to constituents at all levels of the home buying and selling process. In the process, Eventus provides an elegant, branded tool set that allows the broker and agents to deliver customer services above the competition! The benefits extend across the entire company.

  • Brand executives – gain access to real time analytics that report 1 current and historical data, and predict future trends for franchisees, agents, consumers, competition, and the market.
  • Company managers – receive real time and market intelligence about the company, its agents, consumers, and competitors. Best practices analysis tools help managing brokers train and coach their agents.
  • Real estate agents – have access to branded, elegant, client-centric technology, client analytics, and superior listing tools to better serve their clients’ needs and simultaneously be more productive. With tools that range from current and historical market performance in the specific segments, to interactive listing tools, agents now have the ability to provide 24/7 service that puts them a step above their competition.
  • Home buyers and sellers – stay informed and connected to their agent with real-time information via superior web tools that match the demands of today’s consumer for transparency and communication.