Study Says Longer Tweets are Better

Twitter for real estate is a curious strategy. There was quite a bit of discussion about Twitter in some of the Facebook groups that I am in. #thatsfunny. In all seriousness, when WAV Group evaluates the effectiveness of social media marketing and advertising (those are two different things), the numbers prove out that Facebook is far more effective in every matrix of reporting. The data suggests that Facebook is core, Twitter is niche. If you do market on Twitter as part of your surround sound system, you likely already know that Twitter extended the number of characters from the old [...]

Using Twitter as a PR Tool

Twitter is probably one of the most ignored social media channels in real estate marketing and PR, which is remarkable considering its breadth and depth: 328 million monthly active users and 67 million of them in the U.S., a half-billion Tweets per day, and 80% of users access Twitter on their mobile devices. Okay, admittedly, Twitter also has 20 million fake users, and the profile of a “typical” Twitter user is (unfortunately) not a primary target for most brokerages: A young woman, with an average of 209 followers, using an iPhone. In fact, 37% of all Twitter users are between the ages [...]

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eXp Realty Supports Accelerated Growth with the Addition of Four Industry Veterans to Management Team

BELLINGHAM, WA – (Marketwired – April 17, 2017) – eXp World Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB: EXPI), the holding company for eXp Realty LLC, The Agent-Owned Cloud Brokerage®, today announced the addition of industry veterans Kee Wah Chung, Kathy Gordon, Scott Petronis and Mitch Robinson to its management team. “Our daily objective is to be the most agent-centric brokerage firm in the world,” said Russ Cofano, President and General Counsel of eXp World Holdings. “Adding Kee Wah, Kathy, Scott and Mitch to our stellar team will allow us to provide new and exciting services for both current and future agents on the [...]

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About MLS Client Portals

This afternoon I was able to enjoy a delightful conversation between two very bright, very experienced real estate CEOs – Greg Robertson of W&R Studios – makers of CloudCMA and CloudStreams, and Michael Wurzer, CEO FBS Data Systems, makers of FlexMLS (America’s second largest MLS vendor). The discussion centered on speed, design, delivery, among other things. It all went down on Twitter. If you love real estate technology - @gregrobertson and @mwurzer are must follows. Bigger Considerations? Stakeholders in the MLS client portal services are a combination of broker interests, agent interests, and by extension a consumer interest. I wonder [...]

Google Creator Day

When some of our readers heard that my daughter Alexandra AKA Sparkles Lund was invited to attend Google Creator Day, they were genuinely interested in hearing about what she learned at this exciting event. She has written a blog post for her own blog, and I thought I would share it with you because there is some very interesting information about ways to build the size and engagement of a YouTube channel. Please follow her on Facebook, instagram, Twitter and subscribe to her YouTube channel, Enjoy!  As you may know, I have been really publishing a lot of videos on YouTube [...]

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Protect Your Content Now

My 13-year-old daughter provided me with a raw lesson in digital rights management yesterday. It is a pretty simple lesson really – do not let others build their business using your content, at your expense. Background Like every 13 year old, Social Media is a thing. 13 is the minimum age to open an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Kik, and SnapChat. You need to be 18 for YouTube, but a 13-year-old can sign up with a parent’s permission. For those of you who know me well, you know that my daughter already has a social media following [...]

New WAV Whitepaper – Brokerage Technology – An Industry Needing Backbone!

Brokerage Real Estate Technology An Industry Needing Backbone Brokers, large and small, face significant challenges they did not face 20 years ago.  Profit margins have eroded and control over their independent contractors has been minimized.   The consumer has taken on a much more vocal role in the process and is forcing transparency and responsiveness never before experienced.   Some of these challenges are related to technology and the advance of the Internet while others are cultural challenges that have come about through the changing broker/agent relationship.  Our new white paperexplores the issues behind the broker’s challenge to gain better control and visibility [...]

Who will tie the data together in the MLS world?

If you have worked in the MLS world as long as I have you know how many moving parts there are in terms of technology to run the organization effectively.  With the creation of RETS, the so called “standard", the use of multiple modules to provide services has increased even more.  What has been obvious to me for many years looking at the industry’s technology, however, is that no one has done a good job of pulling all of the important data points together for the MLSs so they can run their organizations more effectively. Today, MLS systems do a [...]

Three Articles About Writers and Twitter

I saw an article yesterday that relayed a story about how a certain person gets news.  She reported something like, I do not read the news, I scan my twitter feed.  Articles that are often cited or, linked to on twitter, are the ones I read.  The buzz word for this was something like ‘human sourcing’ of news. ReCoach - “kiss your rss goodbye” Today, I read two different articles.  The first talked about the value of a 500 word freelance article - which turns out to be about $15 dollars on the low end and maybe $100 on the high [...]

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Real Estate CRM Company seeks venture partner

For the past four years, Technology Concepts, a veteran MLS provider, has been developing a Customer Relationship Management product for the real estate industry.  The company has leveraged their experience serving MLSs, brokers and agents to architect and build one of the industry’s most advanced enterprise level CRM solutions. The product, named Eventus, is operational, installed and has realized outstanding results for the first tier users.  Now that the product is ready for full deployment into the market place, the company is seeking a business partner to fuel marketing and fulfillment.  The company will consider options from company or product [...]

Real Estate Social Networking sees dramatic growth

Social networks are exploding in popularity. Forty-three percent of the online community now uses social networking sites, including Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn. This is up from 27 percent a year ago, reports The Conference Board and TNS. Social networking spans all generations and clearly hits the target of real estate home buyers and sellers. Moreover, even older people are getting involved.  About 19 percent of those age 55 and over visit these sites, up from just 6 percent a year ago. Women are more likely than men to use social networking sites (48 percent versus 38 percent), but usage has [...]