Victor Lund, Author for: WAV Group 2013 Broker Website Effectiveness Study

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Arroyo Grande, CA July 25th, 2013 – WAV Group (, industry leaders of technology, strategic planning, research, business and product development, sales and marketing in the real estate industry, today released a whitepaper entitled “2013 Broker Website Effectiveness Study.”

The whitepaper, written by WAV Group, surveyed the Google Analytics accounts of broker websites representing 7,500,000 monthly visitors as the subject for insight on consumers accessing broker websites, and also garnered insights on the impact of social media, mobile, listing syndication and search engines.  This report is positioned to provide a consumer counterpoint to industry perspectives about broker websites to help the industry be more well-informed when making decisions about broker online marketing strategies.

“The whitepaper confounds much of the vendor marketing hype about the impact of mobile, social media, SEO, and listing syndication on broker effectiveness“.  “The strength of the broker brand still rules supreme in garnering website traffic to broker sites,” says Victor Lund, Partner of WAV Group. “This study has found that consumers strongly believe broker websites are, in fact, very valuable tools. They not only help improve the value of the broker, but help the consumer identify and buy homes more efficiently.”

Findings include:

  • 68% of consumers access a broker website by either typing in the URL or using a brand related keyword phrase in a search engine.
  • Referal traffic from franchise brands have dropped over 30% since 2008.
  • Listing Syndication represents 12% of traffic to broker websites, up from 2% in 2008.
  • Social Media represents 5% of consumer traffic to broker websites.
  • 7.5% of referral traffic comes from automated email alerts



A complete report is available online for free download at: