Fox and Roach is among the largest real estate brokerages in America. They recently published an internal communications piece that is a great case study for how brokers stay connected to their agents using video, and move the needle on adoption of brokerage services.

Watch this short 2 minute video

Why I like it.

First, its short. To many people try to say too much. Make your video quick, clear, and drive action. Second – its familiar – Fox and Roach does a great job of promoting people across the organization – staff, team leaders, top agents. Message – the video hits a single message – the number 1 reason why past clients do not repeat business with an agent is because the agent did not stay in touch – Solution delivered. Never miss repeat business again.

WAV Group did not produce this video, but we do provide video production services through WAV Group Communications. If you need support executing on an internal or external communication strategy using video or public relations – we can help.