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Reducing Agent Attrition – Marketing to your Agents

Brokers across America do a great job of promoting their listings to potential home buyers and sellers with attractive flyers, online promotions, open houses, and effective website promotion, not to mention MLS promotion. Most brokers have a well-oiled system for building attractive marketing materials to sell their listings quickly. In my view, there’s a hole in the focus of marketing departments. Very few of the brokerages that we work focus on promoting their OWN brand and service offerings to their OWN agents. Brokers like to complain about the lack of adoption of tools and technologies. They wistfully talk about the [...]

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I Didn’t Hire FOUR Listing Agents!

There’s nothing like becoming an ACTUAL customer of a product to give you a different perspective. I have looked at Zillow and other third party sites a gazillion times in my career as a consultant, but it took actually selling a home to really open my eyes. We held onto our home in Buffalo, New York for a long time after moving to California. This year we finally decided to sell it. Once the home was live on third party sites, I became very interested in the agents who were featured on the property. I called each one to experience [...]

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IRES® MLS Passes Zillow® In Consumer Engagement

The Internet is the largest free market economy in the world. According to Siri™, 2.954 Billion people use the Internet every month. In the real estate industry, more consumers go to Zillow® than any other single real estate website. But that is changing. Some MLSs like IRES are actually drawing more consumer engagement in their local market and it is making a significant difference to MLS participants. MLSs measure listing engagement with their websites and syndication websites using services like ListHub™ and ListTrac™. These companies either get traffic statistics directly from publishers (like Zillow) or put tracking software on websites that [...]

When Regional MLSs Go Bad

There are unfortunate consequences that face brokerages and agents when the relationships between Association shareholders in a regional MLS go bad. They get caught in the crosshairs as the Association shareholders wage war with each other. In many regional MLSs, the governance, vendor agreements, and data rights were not spelled out well enough to enable the regional break up. As a result, the regional MLS becomes a toxic battle of in fighting between Association shareholders that cripples the MLS from functioning. Governance Writing good governance agreements for the regional corporation is very difficult. The best approach is to craft governance [...]

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Florida Realtors® Tech Helpline Records 20% Growth in 50 Days

It's one thing for a new tech Startup to grow rapidly, and quite another for a tech service that has been around for 15 years to grow 20 percent in just 50 days. But that's exactly the incredible accomplishment that Florida Realtors® has registered: 9 new state and local associations and nearly 90,000 new members in 50 days. Tricia Stamper, who manages Form Simplicity and Tech Helpline, and her team at Florida Realtors have done just that. They're also growing Form Simplicity, their transaction management software firm by targeting Real Estate Brokerages with a highly affordable "white label" service so brokers can [...]