PR: The most underrated marketing strategy in real estate

In today’s world of real estate marketing, advertising gets all the money, social media gets all the glory, and public relations is often an afterthought. But should it be? Everyone understands advertising: We see it every day, in every medium; we are inundated with its messages, from the time we wake up to the moment we turn off the light for the night. It must work, or why would all these companies be spending gazillions of dollars on it, right? As for social media, it’s omnipresent. And according to the social media gurus, it is a must have because everyone [...]

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MLS Syndication Rats Nest

Urban Dictionary is a hoot. It is also a helpful way for the father of a pre-teen to understand the contemporary meaning behind the terms used by kids. In this case, I refer to Urban Dictionary for their crowd-sourced definition of Rats Nest “Commonly used in the technol- ogy sector to refer to a software design or implementation that is hopelessly convoluted and difficult to understand....” Listing Syndication is a Rats Nest and it is about to get worse as firms like Zillow defect from Listhub-Point2. With Zillow pulling out, MLSs will need to offer different services or parallel services [...]

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MLS or Broker Technology Site License

Last year, WAV Group spent a lot of time measuring the effectiveness of MLS and Broker technology services with our clients. Our process typically includes one or all of the standard practices for measuring product adoption and satisfaction: surveys, focus groups, competitive analysis, adoption rate curves, true cost analysis, etc. The truth is, very few. . . Download full report MLS or Broker Tech Site License

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Are your services REALLY up to par?

Every company believes they offer the best to their customers. It’s the same way I believe my son is the best on his baseball team. When you spend so much time building something, working for something, you have to believe in it. But you need to take care not to let your passion cloud your objectivity. Of course I think my son is amazing, but I know he needs to practice, follow the coach’s suggestions, and we need to track his progress. How does your company know that your services really are meeting or exceeding customer expectations? With the ever-changing [...]

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REALTORS® Federal Credit Union Update

At the New Orleans National Association of REALTORS® Convention in Expo, I had the chance to catch up with Chief Executive Wes Wiggins of JTHS REALTORS® in the great State of Florida. Wiggins has a long career of being on the forefront of operating leading MLSs around the nation. He is among the few who understand how excellence is developed in the Association of REALTORS® and in the Multiple Listing Service. After a long discussion of our industry, the conversation turned to the REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, as Wes had spoken with one of their representatives while ordering our beverages. [...]

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Part 2: Customer service or lip service?

Last month I shared a theory that most real estate technology companies stink at customer service. I asked for people to challenge my theory, but only one person said, “You’re wrong.” Randall Standard, who heads up VoicePad, took strong exception my piece. He made several valid points in taking me to task, among which included my failure to point out that some real estate technology companies are providing good customer service. And he share this observation with me, which I think is spot on: He wrote, “A closer examination of real estate technology firms would find a mixed bag of [...]

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WAV Group Named to the Swanepoel Power 200

The most comprehensive list of the most powerful and influential people in the real estate industry has once again been released. Known as the SP200 (Swanepoel Power 200), this annual list is published by Stefan Swanepoel every January. There have been numerous other lists from time to time, but the SP200 stands as a milestone in the comprehensiveness, detail and objectivity it strives to portray. You can review the entire 2014/2015 list in detail at www.sp200.com. Comparable to Forbes, Fortune, JD Powers and other outside the industry lists, the SP200 utilizes a large selection of criteria. It takes hundreds of hours [...]

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Bad Customer Service can WIPE OUT a LOT of goodwill away in minutes!

Every company SAYS they have good customer service, but we all know the truth – many companies believe they are customer-centric, but when it comes right down to it, they don't always live up to the promise. I am going to use my brand relationship with my most frequently travelled airline to illustrate this point. With this unnamed airline I have had a really good year. I travelled almost exclusively with them, helping to raise my status level to the point where I travelled more in free upgraded first class seats than not. I was privy to the attention of [...]