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What’s the Average Age of a Repeat Buyer? The Impact of Longevity Emerges

From the NAR Boston conference, one statistic keeps ringing in my head. As a confessed data junkie, I consume a lot of real estate research, so I'm pretty jaded. But when NAR's research guru Jessica Lautz showed a slide at a press conference entitled “Median Age of Home Buyers,” I almost fell off my chair.

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Solving the Mysteries of Jet Lag

For years, I have strenuously maintained that when I fly West, especially to Hawaii from the West Coast, I never have been jet lagged. But when I fly to Europe from Seattle, if I don’t follow all the jet lag management tactics I’ve learned over the years, I’ll pay the price. Many fellow business and active leisure travelers told me I was nuts.

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NAR Boston 2018: Home Runs and Strikeouts in Beantown

My dad grew up, pre-Depression, on Beacon Hill in Boston. As a kid, we took a lot of road trips. Because my dad worked for Westin Hotels, we stayed at a lot of nice places in big towns for free. My favorite road trip when we lived in Chicago was visiting Boston and the New England area. I had been back a couple of times for business and always loved visiting this city. After this last week at NAR, I absolutely want to go back – but next time for a vacation.

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What Not To Miss and Put On Your List for Boston NAR

Each year, I try to find some of the things you won't want to miss at the annual National Association of REALTORS Conference and Expo. This week, some 20,000 real estate pros are expected to take over Boston, one of America’s great historic cities packed with extraordinary tourist attractions.

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Have You Seen The New MARIS Website?

When I sat down with Tim Dain and Quinn Nichols at CMLS to get a sneak peek at the new MARIS website they were getting close to finishing, they were pretty giddy about their site. They had been working on this for months, so I completely understood their euphoria. Anyone who has given ‘birth’ to a new website knows the pain you endure until it makes its public debut.

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OJO Labs + WolfNet: “We partnered a Ferrari with fuel”

News reports yesterday disclosed that OJO Labs and WolfNet were becoming one company. The news traveled fast and furious, despite the fact that the "official" news release was issued this morning on the newswire. How cool is it that one of the hottest Artificial Intelligence startups just bought an established, 20+ year-old real estate data giant? Here are some classic quotes from yesterday news coverage of this historic event: RISMEDIA "The largest aggregator of MLS data has been acquired by one of the industry’s hottest artificial intelligence companies."  “This is probably the most impressive fundamental move toward assisting the industry [...]

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Love What You Do, And Do What You Love

It’s been a remarkable past few weeks. In September I started my 5th year heading up WAV Group Communications. I can't remember a time in my PR career over the last three decades when I worked so hard but had so much fun. I've enjoyed an exhilarating streak of success for my clients that have made the long hours well-worth those moments of drudge.

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WolfNet speeds up Property Alerts to benefit 250,000 agents, brokers and their clients

WolfNet Technologies LLC has become the quiet data giant in real estate. Think about it. WolfNet provides Websites/IDX to Keller Williams (a client since 2002), the largest real estate brokerage in the world. WolfNet also is believed to be the leading company that normalizes MLS data. WolfNet’s digital footprint is massive: it’s a data goliath managing over 100 million property recordsthat covers 99% of all active MLS property listings in the U.S. and Canada. It hosts 89 million property photos for IDX solutions alone and provides more than 100,000 IDX and Websites to real estate agents and brokers – reaching [...]

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Second Largest MLS in Minnesota to Join NorthstarMLS

NorthstarMLS and Southeast Minnesota REALTORS® (SEMR) have come together to announce that SERM will become part of NorthstarMLS. This merges the second largest MLS in Minnesota with the largest MLS as SEMR becomes a shareholder in NorthstarMLS. Congratulations go to all the leadership teams, headed by SEMR CEO Karen Becker and NorthstarMLS CEO John Mosey. Also kudos to CoreLogic's Matt Cohen (Consultant at Clareity), which the parties credit for helping its leadership fully evaluate this merger. Here is the full news release along with a couple of great photos taken at the signing: Second Largest MLS in Minnesota to Join NorthstarMLS [...]

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The Emergence of Dark Social

I was starting to hit my stride helping companies integrate social media into their Public Relations programs when I was mugged by Dark Social. If you are not familiar with the term Dark Social, I wasn’t either, until recently. At first, I thought Dark Social was somehow related to the Dark Web. Fortunately, I was wrong.

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Takeaways from the first NAR iOi: Innovation Opportunity & Investment Summit

Eric Forsman, Vice President of Technology Services of the Florida Realtors, echoed what I was thinking when I bumped into him at the inaugural National Association of REALTORS® iOi conference in San Francisco. “I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. And like Eric, I had the same reaction: we were both remarkably impressed.

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Less Is More When It Comes To Your Corporate Boilerplate

Companies spend a lot of time and money focusing on their Elevator Pitch. As a PR professional, I can appreciate that and endorse the value of a key, succinct messaging to describe your company. My guess is so much focus has been placed on a strong Elevator Pitch because it's highly valued when a firm is out raising capital. I just wished more folks paid attention to their boilerplates.

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