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Takeaways from the first NAR iOi: Innovation Opportunity & Investment Summit

Eric Forsman, Vice President of Technology Services of the Florida Realtors, echoed what I was thinking when I bumped into him at the inaugural National Association of REALTORS® iOi conference in San Francisco. “I didn’t know what to expect,” he said. And like Eric, I had the same reaction: we were both remarkably impressed.

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Less Is More When It Comes To Your Corporate Boilerplate

Companies spend a lot of time and money focusing on their Elevator Pitch. As a PR professional, I can appreciate that and endorse the value of a key, succinct messaging to describe your company. My guess is so much focus has been placed on a strong Elevator Pitch because it's highly valued when a firm is out raising capital. I just wished more folks paid attention to their boilerplates.

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Real Estate Teams Influence is Powerful, Growing, Studies Shows

REAL Trends, in collaboration with BoomTown, dotloop, and ERA Real Estate, in 2016 to conduct a terrific study of real estate teams. Called The Real Estate Teams Playbook, perhaps real estate’s most comprehensive look at teams, REAL Trends said it surveyed or interviewed thousands of real estate professionals “to understand the foundation and characteristics of today’s most successful teams.”

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A New Battle Cry: I Want My BPP!

Did you read John Mosey, Broker Public Portal Chairman and head of NorthstarMLS, article in the latest issue of Real Estate magazine? “You Got Your MTV, Now Say ‘I Want My BPP’” calls for a new battle cry for the BPP with Homesnap movement. It reminded me, once again, of how people, when they come together, can cause remarkable change. Change everyone thought at the time it started was nearly impossible and certainly improbable.

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Florida Realtors COO Margy Grant To Take The Helm From Admired Leader Bill Martin

The future of the Florida Realtors will be in the skillful and proven hands of a new chief executive officer starting January 1, when Margy Grant takes over from well-regarded association veteran CEO Bill Martin. Margy is Florida Realtors’ current chief operations officer and general counsel of the state's largest professional trade association. The association announced late last week that Martin is retiring at the end of this year.

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The Best Inman Connect Moments

Flying back to Seattle from San Francisco gave me a couple of hours to reflect on Inman Connect SF. When I bumped into founder Brad Inman mid-way through the event, he looked at me and said with a proud smile and on his face and in his eyes, “It reminds you of the original Connects, doesn’t it?” It sure did.

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Making the Market Work: 3 Ways to Continue to Spread the Word

It's been a little over a year since the Council of MLS rolled out the 1000watt created “Making the Market Work” branding campaign. Remember the initial energy? Social media channels were buzzing. New videos were proudly created, touting the value and the benefits of the local MLS to consumers (and professionals). Website home pages were blazoned with fresh new images promoting this powerful new messaging. New full-page ads run publicly. There was a genuine esprit de corps in the industry.

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The Most Dangerous Words in the English Language

Always. Never. Every. Everyone. Everybody. All. Must. These are some of the most dangerous words in our vocabulary. For writers and speakers, as my nephew in Alabama would say, these words are as about as useful as a steering wheel on mule. That’s because these words are typically perceived to be an exaggeration.

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Ben Caballero is at the Top of the 2018 ‘The Thousand’ List, Again

Ben Caballero has earned the title "real estate legend." 50 years as a Realtor, 18 years as a builder, dozens of years as an innovator, and the first Guinness World Record holder for real estate sales. Today, for the 6th time in a row, he is atop REAL Trends "The Thousand" list as published in The Wall Street Journal. The REAL Trends list is THE ranking of the top agent in the U.S.; highly coveted, it is well documented and the industry's established benchmark for agent ranking.

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Top 10 Issues Facing Real Estate: What’s On Your List?

Victor Lund, founding partner of the WAV Group, and I recently returned from the National Association of Real Estate Editors Conference in Hot Vegas. 107 degrees hot. One of the hottest topics was the iBuyer, and Victor headed up a panel that took that topic head-on. Let's say it was one of the livelier sessions of the conference. The one thing I was sure of, Victor made a great impression among reporters based on the feedback he gave me.

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My First Forbes Column: A Writer’s Journey

It was exciting to be invited to interview to become part of the Forbes Real Estate Council last year. The biggest attraction for me was the opportunity to be published on Forbes.com. Forbes, for me, is the gold standard when it comes to business publishing.

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Real Estate Agent Ben Caballero Named Guinness World Record Holder

Milestones. Every career has these extra special events. So what qualifies something for milestone status? I think it's when all you have to do is mention what you did and the immediate reaction from others is: "Wow." Lifelong Realtor Ben Caballero's career is filled with milestones. 

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