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Ben Caballero Becomes the World’s First $2 Billion Realtor

When Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams, presented Ben Caballero with the coveted Pinnacle Award for Real Estate Entrepreneurship five years ago, his comments were prophetic. Looking at Ben in front of a sea of KW agents at their Mega Camp event in Austin, Texas, Gary Keller explained the award. "Keller Williams a few years ago decided a few years ago," Keller said, "that if no one else was going to try and identify and acknowledge and respect the top real estate agents in the industry – not in Keller Williams but in the industry. That if no one else [...]

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What’s the Best Way to Announce Leadership Changes?

The real estate industry is undergoing massive transition in leadership. Top executives who have run major real estate brokerages, Associations and MLSs for decades are heading for retirement. Moreover, at the beginning of any new year comes a flurry of new leadership announcements.

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Magnificent 7 Tech Trends to Watch in 2019 and Beyond

Two years ago, I picked a “Magnificent 7" list that included Automation, Deep Learning, IoE (Internet of Everything), Intelligent Apps, Security, Digital Twins, and Ghosting. Here's my list for 2019 of the NextGen and NextLevel tech that have caught my eye and the implications for real estate.

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Best PR Quotes of All Time

My top favorite pastime is being a professional mentor of high school robotics team where I live, just a short ferry ride from downtown Seattle on Bainbridge Island. It’s a FIRST Robotics Team (4915 Spartronics) that I helped found six years ago. I’m the lead marketing mentor.

Free Podcast Series from the #1 Ranked Real Estate Agent in the World

Here's a great Holiday gift and it's free: a new, four-part real estate Podcast series that's available today featuring the wisdom and a little wit from Ben Caballero. Ben is the world's #1 ranked real estate agent. He's also the first and only agent in U.S. history ever to exceed the $1 billion mark for residential sales transaction volume in a single year, a feat he has achieved in each of the last three years. At the WAV Group, we've been working with the legendary Ben Caballero and HomesUSA.com for a few years now. We've had the honor of working with him [...]

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Facebook Still Rules Real Estate

Like Mark Twain, the early reports on the death of Facebook clearly have been an exaggeration especially when it comes to real estate. It remains the social media channel that is still the best place to stay top of mind among the greatest number of home buyers and sellers. And it's still the best media channel for real estate agents to keep in front of their peers.

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What’s the Average Age of a Repeat Buyer? The Impact of Longevity Emerges

From the NAR Boston conference, one statistic keeps ringing in my head. As a confessed data junkie, I consume a lot of real estate research, so I'm pretty jaded. But when NAR's research guru Jessica Lautz showed a slide at a press conference entitled “Median Age of Home Buyers,” I almost fell off my chair.

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Solving the Mysteries of Jet Lag

For years, I have strenuously maintained that when I fly West, especially to Hawaii from the West Coast, I never have been jet lagged. But when I fly to Europe from Seattle, if I don’t follow all the jet lag management tactics I’ve learned over the years, I’ll pay the price. Many fellow business and active leisure travelers told me I was nuts.

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NAR Boston 2018: Home Runs and Strikeouts in Beantown

My dad grew up, pre-Depression, on Beacon Hill in Boston. As a kid, we took a lot of road trips. Because my dad worked for Westin Hotels, we stayed at a lot of nice places in big towns for free. My favorite road trip when we lived in Chicago was visiting Boston and the New England area. I had been back a couple of times for business and always loved visiting this city. After this last week at NAR, I absolutely want to go back – but next time for a vacation.

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