Top 10 Facebook Posts of The Year

AdAge is the heartbeat of understanding how marketers are engaging with consumers online, and a great place to keep track of trends. I was attracted to this article that talked about the top 10 posts on Facebook in 2015. My intrigue was to understand if there was something that real estate could learn by looking backwards. Robert Plant Breaks Down into Tears When Ann Wilson Covers “Stairway to Heaven” – My conjecture is that a sincere emotional reaction (tears) combined with a recognized celebrity (Plant) that we can relate to (everyone knows the words to Stairway to Heaven). Optimistic People [...]

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Millennials, Shmillennials: Why aren’t we marketing to the over 50 crowd?

Advertising contrarian Bob Hoffman gave a talk at Matt Beall's Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers' Worthshop 5 conference last week, which is a wake up call to real estate agents and brokers everywhere. Why are we spending so much time, energy and money marketing to 18-34 year olds when the greatest, wealthiest, most powerful spending group in the world in nearly every major product category is 50+ years old? Remarkably, Bob helps us answer that question and a more important one: How should we be marketing to the over 50 crowd? Full disclosure up front: The majority of the marketing [...]

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Help us Prioritize the Best Ways for IDX feeds to work Harder for Brokers

I have to tell you that every time I think about the MLS Policy Meeting at this year’s NAR Conference in New Orleans, it puts a big smile on my face.  For the first time that I’ve witnessed, four important, but fundamental changes were made to the IDX policy with absolutely UNIVERSAL acceptance.   Brokers, MLS Executives, Associations and Technology Companies also spoke from one voice about the relevance and importance of the changes that were proposed and approved. Check out my blog post from a few weeks ago to see the details about what was approved at that time.  In [...]

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Advertising in an Association Owned MLS Webinar- Don’t Miss This!

Join WAV Group for an informational webinar on advertising in an Association owned MLS! This webinar will feature a Q & A session with GLVAR, BNAR, and GEPAR - three leading Association-owned MLSs who have launched advertising programs to help generate non-dues revenue. If your Association or MLS is considering adding or modifying your advertising strategy, be sure to register today! You are encouraged to prepare questions and invite your leadership to attend this webinar as well. There is no fee for attendance but the capacity of the meeting room is limited to 1000. Register early to ensure your access. [...]

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Real Estate and Scented Print Ads

Oh the sweet smell of real estate. Open house month conjures up fresh baked cookies or home made bread. Agents have put scent into their open house strategy for decades. More than myth, scent is a great marketing tool! When I think of scent marketing, I think of the perfume ads that still show up in magazines. I am not a big fan of those ads, but they do catch your attention. They make you smell, even if only to reconfirm your distaste for the perfume. Today, scent marketing has extended beyond fragrances. Leading brands like Dove, Neutrogena, and Airwick [...]

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