In Search Of A Perfect Broker VOW

WAV Group is conducting research to discover if there is any broker in the United States who has pulled out of IDX and only offers a Virtual Office Website to consumers. Presumably, it would be a large enough broker who would display their listings publicly without the need to register to the site. If consumers wanted to see other broker listings, they would need to register. No other broker would be able to display that brokers listings to the public. If you know of such a site here in America, please direct me to it and you will be handsomely rewarded. My loving relationship [...]

CRS and iMapp merge strategies

WAV Group was provided with an announcement today that may be of interest to current iMapp customers, current CRS customers, or anyone looking for tax services. CRS and iMapp have entered into a strategic agreement that has CRS focused on tax systems and iMapp focused on advertising revenue. The companies will remain separate corporations, but align themselves to serve their customers in a way that leverages assets and capabilities of both companies. Tax systems used by professionals in real estate are very important, and very different from simple access to tax data that may be available in a variety of [...]

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It is all about schools

The most active group of home buyers in sellers in America have one thing in common - school age children.  Traditionally, real estate has ducked the consumer by avoiding the laborious and somewhat liability producing task of informing consumers about schools. Our industry has largely taken the stance that if a consumer wants to know about schools, they will provide the phone number to the school district. Good luck with that. This is not true of all brokers or MLSs. Some have invested heavily in procuring the most accurate school data available. You will often find the information somewhere down below the [...]

How Leading MLSs Are Winning with Public Service Apps

First-time home buyers are necessary for a healthy housing market, but their needs and behaviors have changed. This group is doing more research in advance of working with an agent, and it's no surprise that their research is happening online. In fact, real estate related searches on Google.com have grown more than 200 percent over the past four years, with frequently searched terms like FHA loan, home grants and homebuyer assistance. Are your MLS core services prepared to serve these buyers? Join MLS leaders John Mosey of NorthstarMLS and Merri Jo Cowen of My Florida Regional MLS for a discussion about [...]

Tips on Choosing the Right Mobile Solution For Your MLS

For years now our industry has talked about how mobile devices will soon be the primary device used by agents in their day-to-day business.   We have been waiting for our MLS vendors to introduce cutting edge mobile products that would allow this vision of our future to become real.  Advances in mobile are coming, however, not all MLS vendors have kept pace  There has been progress and some solutions are better than others but the reality is, because MLS vendors were slow to provide really compelling mobile solutions, 3rd party mobile vendors saw an opportunity and filled the void.  It [...]

Managing MLS Channel Conflict

On the business-to-business side of real estate, there are entities that cooperate with one another that also compete with one another. A common term for this in modern business management is a neologism called coopetition. Brokers competing against each other participate together in the MLS to share information and offer of compensation; and may be related to the same franchise. Agents who compete with each other participate in Associations of REALTORS and are often members of the same brokerage or franchise. Associations who compete with each other sometimes cooperate in offering MLS services. Within this system of collaboration, there are [...]

Warren Buffett Speaks About Home Services

Berkshire Hathaway is a company with $200 Billion dollars in net worth with 300,000 employees. It is one of the three largest companies in America, and according to Buffett, it is a company that is built to last forever. That is the way Berkshire Hathaway thinks. Build businesses that last forever. There is a great quote in this video, one I believe I have heard him say in the past, "You see who is swimming naked when the tide goes out." During the last four or five years of housing market adjustments, most companies played defense, but Home Services of America [...]

Errol Samuelson promoted to Chief Strategy Officer at MOVE

MOVE published a release today announcing that Errol Samuelson has been promoted to Chief Strategy Officer, expanding his role at the company. The full press release is below. You may not know that Errol was once part of the most powerful team in real estate. I call them the four horseman  - Errol plus Marty Frame, Prem Luthra, Ben Grabowski. All four have gone on to great success. Marty Frame is a leader at RPR. Prem Luthra is a leader at Real Estate Digital. And, Ben Grabowski is a leader at CoreLogic. They play pivotal roles in four of the [...]

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When disaster strikes your online software systems

Over Easter weekend, an outage happened to the largest real estate technology company in America. They recovered quickly and elegantly. On another side of life, a broker client of ours with 400 agents was given one-week notice that the company who provided Microsoft Exchange Mail services is going out of business. The realty is that software systems and hardware systems break. And when it happens, it is very disruptive. It is a good idea to think about your disaster plan every year, and review your vendor contracts. You should have a document that outlines everything that happens when systems fail. [...]

Realtech Conference in San Francisco

WAV Group partner, Victor Lund will be attending the RealTech conference in San Francisco April 30th (Fairmont Hotel). The conference is being put together by an emerging technology company called Reesio. It is a very interesting way to connect agents with technology. Reesio is battling in a very difficult and competitive category in real estate technology - Transaction Management. Transaction Management may be the technology that has offered real estate agents and brokers the greatest promises for the longest time - but has never really come of age. That may be changing with the efforts of so many impassioned new [...]

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