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Graceful Vendor Termination

System conversions are very difficult in real estate. If there is one eternal truth, agents will absolutely resist change no matter what. Even with MLS system conversions where the death of the application, vital to their business, is eminent; they hang on during the parallel period until the very end. Then there is a flood of complaints about failure to notify them or train them. It’s a way of life that extends beyond the MLS system to the brokerage system. More and more, brokers are providing end-to-end business systems to their agents. Over years, the company trains and supports the [...]

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Navigating the WAVes of Change in the Real Estate Industry

Back by popular demand!  WAV Group is excited to announce the 2016 WAVes of Change Educational Series.  The first of our four quarterly Webinar Events will be held on Thursday, March 24th. Each webinar follows a large industry conference such as NAR Midyear, CMLS and NAR Annual and is designed to empower Association, MLS and Broker professionals across North America to make well-informed decisions that help propel their organizations forward.  The series is intended to keep your team well-informed, without having to attend multiple events throughout the country. A great strategy to save money while navigating industry changes as well as [...]

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HomeSpotter Revolutionizes MLS Mobile Access

If you have a newer iPhone, you have embraced fingerprint access. You put your finger on the home button which reads your print and opens your phone—or your bank account, or any other app that leverages fingerprint access versus password access. Depending on your MLS, typing in your username and password multiple times a day can be painful, especially on a mobile device. With HomeSpotter, it is just a touch away. HomeSpotter is a mobile MLS application. It provides the benefits of accessing the MLS through a mobile app rather than mobile web. An app provides formatting benefits that mobile [...]

LeadingRE, Miami Beach and Marketing Automation

The Fontainebleau in Miami Beach this week is home to LeadingRE. It's happening during what I like to think of as the real estate brokerage convention season. Keller Williams had its Family Reunion last week and RE/MAX R4 follows in Las Vegas, Feb. 29-March 3. If you really want to get a feel for the real estate market in America, these conferences are a great place to gauge what is really happening on the ground because the preponderance of attendees are broker-owners. Conferences that target industry leaders or tech companies or the intelligentsia of real estate are great for forward [...]

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Sandicor Chooses CRS Data as their MLS Tax Software Provider

For those who are in the know in the MLS space, you are aware that Sandicor has always been one of the MLSs to watch. Led by Ray Ewing, President and CEO, they are early adopters of exciting new technologies often setting the pace for other MLSs around the country.  Sandicor follows their own path choosing the tools they believe are going to be the best for their members. Today’s announcement that Sandicor has selected CRS Data’s MLS Tax Suite is no exception. When I saw the overhauled interface for the CRS Data system about a year ago, I was blown away.  [...]

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Is Growth Possible For You in 2016?

Economists are expecting 5% growth in 2016. Yet many of our clients are setting expectations above 25%. Goal setting is more than just putting numbers on a page and slapping your business in the rear, yelling “go get ‘em” while you stand there in the dust with your hands on your hips hoping for the best. Goal setting is about getting on the horse and leading the charge.   Before you get on that horse, you had better know where you plan to go. In business school, they call this discovery. It is a process for understanding the possibilities for [...]

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Three Drivers of Economic Growth

Sometimes, business owners fail to understand or focus on the basic elements of growing a business. As a consulting firm, we have a distance from the business that allows us to see things that business operators often miss. The funny thing is that we miss them in our own business. I remember talking to my Uncle Albert about this as a kid. He owned a house painting business that was very successful. It afforded him the opportunity to live on Plain Street in Historic Lewiston, NY. It is a charming street of grand, three-story homes with pillared center entrances. Because [...]

Why Agents Should Never Use Personal eMail

I saw a news article recently about why real estate agents should use their personal email addresses. The article talked about the 10,000 selfish reasons why it benefits the Realtor®. It was a grand display of the underbelly of self-centered real estate professionals. I am here to tell you that using a personal email for real estate business is STUPID and perhaps illegal. The communications between a real estate agent and a consumer are subject to the real estate laws in your state. They are communications that happen under the supervision of the agent’s real estate broker. They are covered [...]

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Fox and Roach Broker Site Sets Bar Above Portals

Love them or hate them, property search sites like Zillow® have set the bar very high in terms of the information that is made available to the consumer. I choose Zillow because they have hung their hat on an Automated Valuation Model (AVM) that they call the Zestimate. Real Estate brokers have built their websites off of IDX data. That started to change with the launch of ZipRealty and Redfin, which display web pages for every parcel in America. In this way, they are like the portals. Recently, websites like Howard Hanna have begun to do the same. Joining them is Berkshire [...]

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Be a Part of the Change!

WAV Group is a part of strategic plans very often for some of the largest MLSs and Associations in our industry. When conducting strategic plans we hear from brokers and board members that their organization is out of touch with today’s reality. So how do you get your board in touch? You can pay thousands of dollars for several of your board members to attend industry events. Many of these events can be very valuable for the content that is presented, the networking, and peer-to-peer learning. The CMLS conference and the AEI conference are two great opportunities for MLSs and Associations to get in [...]

Union Fees and the National Association of Realtors

There is a lot more at stake at the voting polls this year than who will govern our nation. The President will appoint and the Senate will confirm the replacement of the Supreme Court Justice Scalia. Moreover, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is now 82 and is also quite frail. The candidates will be evaluated by the Department of Justice and they will appear before hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Teachers Union case One of the cases that may be material to real estate is the case of the Teachers Union. In the LA School district, they charge teachers $685 [...]

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Brokerage Reputation Management Starts With Loving Yourself

Real estate brokers have a difficult time battling the challenges with reputation management. Brokers hire agents. Agents deliver services to the consumer. The consumer judges the brokerage on the service level of its agents. Brokers try to hire well to preserve their reputation. Around and around it goes. Many brokers to do not track their reputation as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). They track unit volume, agent count, broker dollar, and so many other things. Only a few firms use services like Quality Service Certified or Real Satisfied or Testimonial Tree to measure satisfaction. Those brokerages who are following best [...]

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