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Participate in WAV Group’s 2019 MLS Services and Support Survey

Do you want to be the best MLS you can be?  Are you interested in what your members and REALTORS® across America have to say about the services and support that MLSs offer?

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FMLS names Jeremy Crawford as new President and Chief Executive Officer

Today, First Multiple Listing Service(FMLS) named Jeremy Crawford, a seasoned MLS and technology executive as its new President and Chief Executive Officer. Jeremy will also be joining the FMLS Board of Directors. According to Cantey Davis, current President, and FMLS Board Member, “We’re thrilled to have Jeremy coming on board with us.  His unique blend of talents is rarely found in the real estate industry: He is a proven technologist, skilled communicator and accomplished business leader.” Crawford comes to FMLS from his role as Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO).  During his tenure with RESO, membership [...]

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Make 2019 the Year You Really Pay Attention to Your Customers

There isn’t a company in real estate that does not believe that it pays attention to the needs of its customers.  We all want to think that every one of our customers would give us a 5-star rating, but we know deep down inside that is not the case. Because we interact with our customers every day, we do have some sense of what they are looking for. Here’s the problem though…. We don’t TALK to every one of our customers regularly – the silent majority are out there forming opinions without ever talking to their MLS, Association or brokerage directly.

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MLS of Choice Seems to be a Non-Issue so Far!

MLS of Choice went into effect in July this year. Some in our industry were fearful that MLS of Choice was going to dramatically change the game. They believed that brokers would immediately drop member of their secondary MLS memberships or would move to the lowest price provider in the region.

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Why are MLSs making it SO hard to innovate?

Our industry needs to find meaningful ways to support new thinking and innovation. I recently put myself in the shoes of a start-up and found out just how difficult it REALLY is to leverage MLS information.    We have made it REALLY hard for the smart 16 year old in her garage to build the next big thing for a brokerage.  Frankly, even well-established tech companies have major challenges working with more than 600 organizations.  Refer to my commonapp article for more on that topic. Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a tech start-up. They have built something interesting. [...]

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SERVICE: The Real Secret Weapon to Broker Profitability

Our industry loves shiny objects! We’re also looking for the next goose that is going to lay golden eggs at our feet. This year the promise of greatness has been tied to technology investments. From Open Door to Compass to Keller Williams and a whole bunch in-between, brokerages are lining up to claim their rightful place as a technology company. 

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Three Ways to Defend Against Losing Customers from MLS of Choice

Real estate is a service business.  REALTORS® are service professionals.  Are MLSs doing what it takes to support their subscribers with the service needed to help every agent and broker deliver the best service they can to the homebuyers and sellers?    With today’s new MLS of Choice environment, REALTORS® DO have a choice about what MLS to work with.  It’s time to take a serious look at the norms of service quality for MLSs today.

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Does Your MLS/Association Have What it Takes to Survive for the Long Haul?

While the daily operations of an Association and MLS may not feel the pressures of the changing real estate industry the signs are all around us. From the billions in new investment, to nationwide industry initiatives, to the ever-increasing influence and scope of third party portals, the real estate industry is changing rapidly.

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How Agents are Benefiting from Artificial Intelligence

WAV Group founding partner and RE Technology Chief Executive Officer, Victor Lund traveled to Paris again this year to share insights on the evolution of technology in America. His talk highlighted how systems automation is relieving Realtors of many routine tasks. This process is called Artificial Intelligence, which is the process of having machines do the work that humans normally do.

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We Need a “Common App” for Data Feed Approvals

Sometimes we just make it too hard to do business in real estate.  We spend SO much time and energy talking about herculean tasks like statewide consolidation efforts and yet spent so LITTLE time talking about practical, unsexy solutions that can make our lives so much easier!

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