WAV Group’s Kevin Hawkins Joins Forbes Real Estate Council

It’s hard to believe that just three years ago next month Kevin Hawkins joined WAV Group to head up our newly established Communications Division, becoming President of WAV Group Communication. He’s helped assemble a list of blue chip clients that include RESO, America’s #1 real estate agent (Ben Caballero of HomesUSA.com), the #1 tech support firm for real estate agents (Florida Realtors® Tech Helpline), #1 real estate marketing technology firm (Imprev), the #1 luxury real estate tech firm (Gabriels Technology Solutions), FinTech’s most innovative mortgage banking and wealth management firm Opes Advisors (now a Division of Flagstar Bank), and many more. Now [...]

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Effective Ways to Generate Seller Leads

WAV Group recently did an audit of a broker’s lead strategy, and it caused a bit of a eureka moment for the broker. We found they needed to stop focusing on buyer lead generation immediately and focus on seller lead generation. As a consulting firm, WAV Group has a full bag of executional tricks for firms to consider when they are setting strategy. The way that these activities are implemented and driven though the culture of an organization is the secret to success. We considered a few of these strategies in our latest study entitled Generate Seller Leads: Don’t Worry About [...]

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Don’t Make The Biggest PR Mistake

The number one mistake I’ve most often encountered through the many years I’ve spent working in communications and public relations, is a CEO who calls back a reporter and tries to “wing it.” While I’ve been fortunate enough to work with several exceptionally media savvy CEOs throughout the years, they were the ones that never called back a reporter without being prepared. Russell Wilson, the NFL quarterback for the Seahawks, delivers the best practice for CEOs when it comes to calling back a reporter: “The separation is in the preparation.” CEOs that provide the best interviews for reporters are able [...]

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Mid-Year Party and Tech Guide

The Annual RE Technology Midyear Party is scheduled for Wednesday, May 14th at a secret location 1 mile from the Omni/Wardman hotels. The limit of people this year is 200, so if you would like to buy tickets or be a sponsor – contact victor@wavgroup.com. The entertainment will be the SuperStar Factory band featuring our favorite Miss Wendy Moten. This sells out fast. Proceeds go to the venue and the band. Many of you have been associated with the WAV Group for many years now. You remember that from 2003 to 2011 we published the annual MidYear Technology review. It [...]

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Marilyn Wilson Becomes Trustee of the National Small Business Association

WAV Group is excited to announce that founding partner, Marilyn Wilson has joined the Board of Trustees for the National Small Business Association (NSBA).  In its rich, 75-year history, NSBA has made significant strides in advocating for small businesses. From its humble beginnings under founder DeWitt Emery, a small-business owner who aimed simply to make a difference, to today with the broad, national presence as the leading small-business advocacy group, NSBA fights daily for Mr. Emery’s mission to make a difference for America’s small businesses. “I am excited to join such a dynamic group of trustees who guide the Association [...]

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Your MLS Technology Business Rules – Bet You Don’t Know Them!

I have worked with hundreds of MLSs around the world and been personally involved in over 100 installations and/or conversions and one thing I have discovered over the years is a little-known fact.  MLSs don’t know the business rules that are built into their MLS systems to control their data, member access and overall permissions and MLS vendors have never created a way for you to see them! When you consider the complexity of our MLS systems today this is both understandable on one level and really inexcusable on another.  Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge usually comes to light when [...]

Why are MLSs surprised?

WAV Group has been purposefully quiet during the storm of enlightenment whereby the industry pundits that recognize the role of the real estate broker in our industry.  In truth, the leading MLSs in America are perfectly cognizant of the role and needs of brokers in real estate. Frankly, many of The Realty Alliance brokers own MLSs or are standing members of the Board of Directors. Even in the absence of having a broker-owned MLS or having broker led governance in your MLS, there is plenty that you can do that involves the broker in your MLS strategic planning. Every WAV [...]

Thinking About Regionalizing Your MLS?

We all know there are too many MLSs in the US. It’s just a fact. MLSs were originally set up according to Board boundaries established by NAR based on market areas that existed many years ago. Times and technology have changed everything. Real estate market areas have expanded far faster then our industry has responded so in many areas of the country we have multiple MLSs serving areas that should logically be served by one. It is hard to argue that cooperation and ultimately consolidation is good for everyone involved in buying and selling real estate. Brokers and agents who [...]

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Leaders and Innovators Often Walk Alone

I have been working a lot in Brazil these days working with a company called Prolist building the first true MLS in their country. The reason I mention Brazil is because it is a great case in point regarding leaders and innovators walking alone. In dozens of meetings I have had with major real estate companies, associations and banks in Brazil I meet those that are leaders and innovators and I also see those that are part of the herd, that only go where the herd goes. The brightest, those with clear vision into the future, often those who have [...]

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Advertising in an Association Owned MLS Webinar- Don’t Miss This!

Join WAV Group for an informational webinar on advertising in an Association owned MLS! This webinar will feature a Q & A session with GLVAR, BNAR, and GEPAR - three leading Association-owned MLSs who have launched advertising programs to help generate non-dues revenue. If your Association or MLS is considering adding or modifying your advertising strategy, be sure to register today! You are encouraged to prepare questions and invite your leadership to attend this webinar as well. There is no fee for attendance but the capacity of the meeting room is limited to 1000. Register early to ensure your access. [...]

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Call for MLS Technology Survey Participants

WAV Group will be fielding the third annual WAV Group MLS Technology survey in September.  We are inviting all MLSs to take part.  This is a free, non-sponsored survey we provide for the benefit of the industry.  The more participation we have the more valuable the data will be for everyone. There is no cost to participate. Each participating MLS will in turn receive three reports: National Results for all MLSs Your Vendor Specific Results (i.e., All results from users of MLXchange); Your MLS Member results in a system generated report Your MLS will receive the reports prior to the [...]

Top Digital Budgeting Mistakes Brokers Make

As summer draws to a close and fall sets upon us, it is incumbent upon all businesses to build their budgets for 2014. The old adage rings true, failure to plan is a plan to fail. Too many brokerages in America are guilty of this. Here are a few tips that will improve the planning process in your company. It is a good idea to print this out and provide it to your team as a reminder. Look at data first. Many brokerages fail to take a close look at the effectiveness of digital marketing programs. Dig deeply into your [...]