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FBS Acquires Solid Earth

If 2018 does indeed turn out to be “The Year of Consolidation” in the MLS world, then the stage was set today in the MLS technology world by FBS. One of the most respected and innovative tech firms serving the real estate industry just helped with the consolidation trend. Michael Wurzer, who heads up FBS, creators of Flexmls System and the API that started it all (Spark Platform), announced today the acquisition of Solid Earth’s Spring software platform and the hiring of the Spring team, including its CEO Matt Fowler. This marks FBS first acquisition. Ever. Considering the company was [...]

$25,000 in Cash for Tech Startups via New RESO DataComp

It’s the first RESO DataComp, a data competition sponsored by Realtors Property Resource®. Prizes total $25,000, courtesy of prize sponsors that include FBS, the creators of Flexmls and Stratus Data Systems, Inc. It’s set to begin on September 17, at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time. It will end with live demonstrations before a distinguished panel of industry judges from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in San Diego on October 17  during the RESO fall conference, October 17-19, being held at the uber-hip Pendry. That’s right, unlike a Hackathon, this data competition will last a month, and unlike many other real estate data events, this one is [...]

FBS and Solid Earth Lock Arms to Provide Exciting New Service!

I just love it when technology truly helps make it easier for MLSs and brokers to deploy great technologies for consumers!  Today, FBS and Solid Earth are announcing a really exciting partnership that will make it MUCH easier for MLSs to help their brokers generate tons of leads and listing of exposure without spending ANY additional dollars! We talk a lot about data standards and their advantages, but sometimes it’s hard to understand the tangible value of APIs.  Today FBS’ Spark API and Solid Earth’s Spring platform have changed all that.   Because of their seamless integration, MLSs can now deploy [...]

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HomeSpotter Revolutionizes MLS Mobile Access

If you have a newer iPhone, you have embraced fingerprint access. You put your finger on the home button which reads your print and opens your phone—or your bank account, or any other app that leverages fingerprint access versus password access. Depending on your MLS, typing in your username and password multiple times a day can be painful, especially on a mobile device. With HomeSpotter, it is just a touch away. HomeSpotter is a mobile MLS application. It provides the benefits of accessing the MLS through a mobile app rather than mobile web. An app provides formatting benefits that mobile [...]