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David joined WAV Group in 2018 after spending over 14 years as a senior technologist for Michael Saunders & Company. David's technology career spans 24 years in the real estate, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and medical education industry's. View David's profile.

Acquisition Hell: The Tech Investment

One company’s success becomes another’s pain. Mergers and acquisitions over the last few years have taken a toll on brokerages and their tech stacks. Finding means to protect highly invested tools is becoming more difficult. Maybe the first place to begin is with the contract.

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Privacy Regulation for Everyone Coming Soon

Similar to new data security and privacy laws sweeping the European Union and California, it is only a matter of time before new laws are required throughout the United States. This week’s news is the U.S. House and Senate held hearings on data security and personal privacy.

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OpenAI Says New AI too Risky for Full Disclosure

OpenAI has determined its latest research into language-processing AI models has high-risk implications if fully released to the public. A risk OpenAI has felt compelled to limit the amount of published information from this advanced research.

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REally! Agent Tool Usage Reporting is Behind the Times

This week’s adventure found me looking at product usage reports from a bunch of technology companies. An MLS client was interested in gaining insight to members usage of their technology product offerings. All I have to say is, “REally!”

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Today’s Online Business Intelligence

Notice how I did not say web analytics? A large chasm exists between marketing, technology, and business in connecting the dots between what is the value of their efforts. A gap I have seen in digital strategies inside and outside of the real estate industry. Building a bridge across these disciplines requires insight on valuing ROI into a strategy and ensures consumers are given an experience appropriate for the brand.

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Business Intelligence Tools – Investment for 2019

As I close out my first year as an independent consultant, I am grateful to the people who allowed me to assist in their business challenges. With every day being a new opportunity for learning, I thought I would share some experiences that I have encountered over the past year.

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Telling Your Data Story – Easy Access to RESO’s Organization Unique Identifier with Microsoft Power BI.

I have been working with the Organization Unique Identifier (OUID) data from the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) for over the last nine months. RESO OUID data combined with other data sets for business analysis is critical for today’s enterprising brokerages. My task was to see how I can make it easy for others to access the RESO OUID and incorporate other data for analysis. The answer – Microsoft Power BI.

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Qualtrics to be Acquired for $8 Billion

Qualtrics is known as one of the leaders in the Online Survey Platform. Many companies in the real estate sector – including RE/MAX in 2013 – have utilized Qualtric's platform to gather informational feedback about services and products from their members, agents, or customers. Qualitrics has been in the process of doing its due diligence for an IPO and someone scooped them up for $8 Billion.

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MLS Policy – Broker Attribution Back to the Drawing Board

This is great news! Multiple Listing Issues and Policy Committee voted to send the Broker Attribution policy change recommendation back for another look. An impressive move based on a recommendation by the NAR Leadership during the Committee meeting.

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Brokers Say ‘No’ to Setup Fees

If you missed the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO.org) 2018 Fall Conference in Milwaukee, you should plan on attending the 2019 Spring Conference in Boise, ID. There were many informative and powerful sessions sprinkled throughout the conference. RESO is the only conference where MLSs, Brokerages, and Technology Companies collaborate under one umbrella striving to create a better industry. This time, there was one topic which resonated with Brokers; Just Say ‘No’ to Setup Fees.

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