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David joined WAV Group in 2018 after spending over 14 years as a senior technologist for Michael Saunders & Company. David's technology career spans 24 years in the real estate, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and medical education industry's. View David's profile.

Business Intelligence Tools – Investment for 2019

As I close out my first year as an independent consultant, I am grateful to the people who allowed me to assist in their business challenges. With every day being a new opportunity for learning, I thought I would share some experiences that I have encountered over the past year.

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Telling Your Data Story – Easy Access to RESO’s Organization Unique Identifier with Microsoft Power BI.

I have been working with the Organization Unique Identifier (OUID) data from the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) for over the last nine months. RESO OUID data combined with other data sets for business analysis is critical for today’s enterprising brokerages. My task was to see how I can make it easy for others to access the RESO OUID and incorporate other data for analysis. The answer – Microsoft Power BI.

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Qualtrics to be Acquired for $8 Billion

Qualtrics is known as one of the leaders in the Online Survey Platform. Many companies in the real estate sector – including RE/MAX in 2013 – have utilized Qualtric's platform to gather informational feedback about services and products from their members, agents, or customers. Qualitrics has been in the process of doing its due diligence for an IPO and someone scooped them up for $8 Billion.

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MLS Policy – Broker Attribution Back to the Drawing Board

This is great news! Multiple Listing Issues and Policy Committee voted to send the Broker Attribution policy change recommendation back for another look. An impressive move based on a recommendation by the NAR Leadership during the Committee meeting.

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Brokers Say ‘No’ to Setup Fees

If you missed the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO.org) 2018 Fall Conference in Milwaukee, you should plan on attending the 2019 Spring Conference in Boise, ID. There were many informative and powerful sessions sprinkled throughout the conference. RESO is the only conference where MLSs, Brokerages, and Technology Companies collaborate under one umbrella striving to create a better industry. This time, there was one topic which resonated with Brokers; Just Say ‘No’ to Setup Fees.

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Twilio Acquires SendGrid for $2 Billion – Real Estate Tech Wins

Twilio sent out a PR about buying SendGrid on Tuesday, October 15th, and it seemed to fly past the radar of everyone in real estate. Maybe the lack of interest is because both companies supply backend services to products who need communication services. Building multi-channel communication features in an app just became easier.

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Five Technology Expenses to Review for Budget Season – Part Two

Part two of this two-part series continues to explore technology expenses and strategies for budget season. In part one, we discussed the importance to review your technology partner agreements and telecommunication expenses. Part two focuses on finding savings in Cloud Services, the benefits of a hardware refresh program, and to capture Shadow IT costs. So, let’s start.

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Five Technology Expenses to Review for Budget Season – Part One

As we embark into first week of the fall season, the time is ripe to review and prepare next year’s budget. When technology expenses for 2019 budgets, the following five areas are prime opportunities to harvest savings or craft better budget strategies. This is part one of a two-part series.

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Tune-Up Your Listing Presentation

There is nothing more important in real estate than the listing presentation. It is the single most place where you position yourself as the prize, not the contestant. If you want to convert new clients predictably and sustainably, the listing presentation is the first place to start.

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