Form Simplicity Gets a Major Update, Remains Realtor-Owned

Form Simplicity continues to offer one of the top paperless transaction solutions for agents and brokers. Now there’s more great news for subscribers and those looking to switch to the only industry-owned transaction management solution: one of the best TM programs just got better.

Rethinking Forms Licensing – An Industry Desperate For a Solution

MLS and Association consolidation has delivered a path to solve many problems for Realtors® and brokers operating in markets where there is overlapping market disorder. With the exception of the San Francisco Bay Area, most large NFL cities have removed the need for Realtors® and brokers to subscribe to multiple MLSs, pay duplicate fees for MLS services, and manage listings in multiple systems. There are plenty of markets that should continue to purse consolidation discussions, but by and large, the MLS industry is on the right track and that is cause for celebration. However, real estate forms continue to be [...]

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Associations Rethink Forms Licensing Policy

If you were in the real estate business before the days of email, you may recall the experience of driving to the local Board of REALTORS® to pick up a forms packet for a transaction. Alternatively, your brokerage may have had a forms file with every type of printed form that you might need. Simply stated, forms were printed until pioneering State Associations of REALTORS® learned to share them electronically. Today, electronic forms management is a member benefit for all Realtors® as a member benefit of The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). When Realtor Associations learned about this policy and [...]

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Lone Wolf Acquires Instanet Solutions

The Transaction Management software space is one of the most competitive categories of real estate technology.  Today, Lone Wolf, one of the leading providers of broker accounting and management solutions, announced its acquisition of fellow Canadian company, Instanet Solutions.  This is the second transaction management software acquisition in the past two weeks.  Fidelity National Financial, Inc. recently acquired a majority interest in Skyslope, another highly regarded transaction management solution. Instanet provides Transaction Desk to over 500,000 REALTORS® through its partnership with MLSs and Associations across North America. Transaction Desk is a transaction management solution comprised of several cloud-based products for [...]

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New Opportunities for Form Simplicity, Tech Helpline

The big buzz in November at the National Association of REALTORS® Convention in San Diego was all about transaction management. The move by NAR to make one solution available as a member benefit was a major validation of the crucial business role that forms and transaction management technology play in streamlining the real estate process. Forms and Transaction Management must be universal to achieve the ubiquitous mission of paperless real estate transactions. For more than a decade, Florida’s state Realtor association, Florida Realtors®, has been providing technology solutions created by Realtors for Realtors. Nearly five years ago, the association launched [...]

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Case Study: Finding the right Transaction Management system for your firm

WAV Group has just published a case study examining enterprise-level transaction management systems WAV Group Consulting works with real estate brokerages to perfect back office enterprise business. This case study tells the story of how Hunt Real Estate evaluated their choices for enterprise transaction management. The firm spans nearly a dozen MLSs across multiple states with a plethora of integration points for customer records, listing records, forms, and agent records.This case study is designed to represent a roadmap for other firms to consider when making such an important technology selection. Download the Hunt Real Estate case study HERE.

One Broker’s Experience with Digital Transaction Management

A broker friend of mine downloaded the WAV Group 2004 Broker Transaction Management study recently and gave me a call. Like every real estate broker in America, she has long adapted her business to online forms. Like most brokerages, she also confesses that they have a forms box of printed forms in every office. A few years ago, she made a decision to purchase digital signatures for all of her agents. Today, she is considering transaction management. Again. This is not her first visit to this consideration, but rather an annual trek that is part of her end-to-end customer experience [...]

Cartavi Adds Gusto to Version 3.3

Since being acquired by DocuSign, Cartavi has been working away at developing the golden triangle of the real estate document management echo system: Forms, Signature, and Storage. Better yet, they focus on making it happen on mobile first. Before this new release, signing a document was kind of clunky. You had to open your document in DocuSign, add signatures, sign it, then pull the completed document back into Cartavi. Now, you can sign any document right inside of Cartavi using DocuSign Ink. New Integrations They took a complicated workflow and narrowed it down. When you look at a document today [...]

Goodbye Mongofax

Mongofax was awesome. Now it is no more. The company is closing today. It is never a celebration when companies go away - jobs are lost and customers who relied on their services scramble to find a replacement. I am pretty sure that their primary marketplace was in Florida. Instanet, which supports faxing as a feature of their forms solution may have put pressure on Mongofax. According to a post by Jeremy Crawford of MLS listings over on the VendorAlley Blog - the Mongofax's patent is available for purchase For Associations and MLSs that offer ZipForms, be aware that zipVault can [...]

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Prudential California/Nevada CEO Krafchow names new company co-presidents

In a news release today, Ed Krafchow, CEO of Prudential California Realty and Prudential Nevada Realty placed his confidence in David Gardner and Pat Shea as co-Presidents of his company. Together, they will assume the role of continuing to guide this great brokerage down the path of success that Krafchow began so many years ago. It is really a great story about two REALTORS, Agents, like so many others that join the ranks each day. These two passionate individuals grew up in the industry, and like Krafchow - share a vision for managing a brokerage with highly trained agents, leveraging [...]

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Concerned about Lower Real Estate Commission Rates? Try Transaction Management

Today’s real estate consumer communicates very differently with their agent than in past times.  Unlike boomers who like to get to know their agent and work with them in person, Gen Y’s prefer to do most things electronically.  They ask for you to send them an update to a contract via text.   They want you to set them up on auto email from your MLS system to look for listings that match their search criteria. Bottomline, they want to just “get it done". They don’t have the time or interest to really get to know and the true skills you [...]